A Million Little Ways

a million little ways

My sister wrote a book for you.

She’s written other books and they were very good and helped a lot of people. But this book, this new book…is for every one of us.

Here are what people who are not her big sister have to say about it….

a milion little quotes

The book is called A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live. And simply put, it’s a book about how to be you. Fully. And live the life you were created to live. It about how to live life like an artist, not a checklist. In some ways it expands the word art, because most of us automatically think of painters and sculptors and drama instructors. What if we begin to recognize the art in our ordinary days? It’s freeing, inviting, truth and profoundly uncomplified. I can’t think of anything I’m writing about this month that will uncomplify your life more than the words in this book.

bloom book club

The (in)courage Bloom Book Club has selected A Million Little Ways for it’s newest read! There will be videos and blog posts and discussions and we can all read the book together and have a virtual book club as we read! All you have to do to be a part is show up or you can subscribe to the book club updates you can right here.

Here’s more information about the book club complete with the schedule.


If you want to purchase a book, DaySpring has a great deal right now at $9.99 –buy two books and get free shipping with the code: BLOOMBOOK

OR use the code 20OFFGIFTS for 20% off your total order (that makes the books $7.99), spend $50 and you get free shipping! Only one code will work per order so use the one that works best for you.

If you want to read the book but simply cannot afford it you can request a sponsored book here’s what the Bloom website says:

We try our best to make it possible for everyone to participate in the Bloom study by negotiating with publishers to offer our featured books at the lowest price possible.  But if your financial situation is stressed and you are unable to purchase a copy of A Million Little Ways, you can request a free book today through Friday.We ask that you only request a copy if you truly can’t afford the book and are willing to participate in the study. We have a limited amount to give away and that will depend on how many sponsored books are purchased. Click here to find out about requesting a sponsored book.


If you are feeling especially generous you can sponsor a book for someone who cannot purchase one right now. Purchase two books (one will be shipped to you, one to a sponsored book recipient) and use code BLOOMBOOK for free shipping! Here’s more information if you have questions about sponsoring a book.

I really hope you join in the book club, the posts will always be there so even if you start late you aren’t really behind.

Want to see a little more into the heart of A Million Little Ways? Watch this 90 second book trailer:

And of course all this month Emily’s joining in our 31 Days at her blog:
31 days

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