Are You Going to BlissDom?

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Blissdom is such a great name, don’t you think?  If I had my own conference I’d call it Nestdom.  Or Nesterdom. Nesterville?  Nesterburg?  Nesterboro?  Why on earth did any towns ever start using the ‘boro’?  Why not ton or town or dom or ville?  No one wants to live or go to a boro unless they are a troll.  Boros are the worst.   And, no worries, I will never be having my own conference.  Oh yeah, this is a post about Blissdom.  Blissboro.

BlissDom is an annual blogging conference in Nashville.  I’m pretty much the worst person to try to explain what it is even though I’ve been to both Blissdoms in the past and I’m going to this one too.  I’ll be speaking about niche blogging if any one cares.  You can find out more about Blissdom here. We’ve got 4 weeks to loose weight and get our outfits ready and I’d love to know if you are going.

There’s still a chance to win a free ticket!

And, in the spirit of random, spur of the moment Link ups, I’ll add a little MckLinky for those of you who are attending to link up.  I’m sure I’m not the only one doing this but this saves me time.  So basically, since I’m lazy, won’t you link here if you are going?  Can’t wait to meet you!

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

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