I boxed up my babies and sent them away

I am so sad. And happy. As I’ve told you many times before, I’ve been making tassels for years and really enjoy it. I’ve even sold them in a few adorable retail shops. Well, I got an email a few weeks ago from a shop owner in Savannah, Georgia who was curious to see if my tassels might sell in his store.

No shop has ever approached me until now–I’ve always had to seek out places to sell my babies and boy was I all about myself when I saw how uber, ultra, super fabulous this place was! Here’s an interview with the owners done by decor8 a few weeks ago. After my head shrunk back to normal it became clear enough for me to realize that this shop seemed WAY out of my league. I wanted to hide behind my mistreatments in utter shame. They are cool, I eat toaster strudels.

They have a stuffed squirrel on the wall as funky art. My honey shot a squirrel in our backyard out our kitchen window last year with a sandwich in one hand, gun in the other. Nevertheless, I pushed on and decided that the risk was worth it and I could at least see if my beloved creations would sell at their like totally awesome store.

I am disgustingly attached to each and every tassel that I make. It is unhealthy. I name them, love them, play with them, let them hang with their friends and basically don’t like to be separated from them. I have a good 20 or so that I will never sell and that number seems to get higher every month. But, when I’m buying fringe for over $20 per yard, I have to sell them to feed the habit.

So, goodbye sweet doggie, I love and adore you…

I’ll miss you funky typewriter that my kids didn’t know what kind of contraption you were

Take care you little spunky thing…

And I really put myself out there with my love of all loves, not to be replicated or I will personally come and break your hands and steal your glue gun, the original Nester Ragamuffin tassel…

Take care, don’t be intimidated by the funky nature stuff, and remember you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

Off you go. Enjoy your stay at Moss.

And because I have no shame when it comes to my blog and you people all make me feel like the best tassel maker Nester in the whole wide world and because I was afraid that two Stephanies and an Andrea would get in a fist fight over one cute little bunny tassel, {actually they were beyond civil but I thought adding the fist fight part would give this run on sentance {{yes, it is a sentance now, not a sentence}} some much needed drama} I will gladly post a few photos of my other babies that I will be listing on etsy to continue my plan of taking over the world by squeezing every red cent out of you one tassel at a time.

How do you like them tassels?

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