Our Wood, White and Gray Bedroom

master bedroom


It’s been nine months since we bought this house and why do I always forget to care about our bedroom when we move to a new place? A few weeks ago we finally put a little paint on just one wall and it has made the biggest difference. I’m always surprised at how much paint can change a space, even though I’ve seen it first hand lots of times. The power of paint never disappoints.

master bedroom when we movedwhen we moved in

master bedroomnow

bedroom beforebefore

We lived in this house waaaay too long with one drape on the windows. One drape, hung too low.

I kind of hated being in our bedroom but there were and are so many walls and floors and corners that needed our attention in this house. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and wanted to turn off the lights and go to bed.

Then Sherwin-Williams asked if I’d be willing to try out their HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams paint line and I said yes because I knew that would be the Lovely Limitation, the kick in the pants that I needed to do SOMETHING with this room so I could start liking it and stop closing the door and turning off the lights all the time.

dark grey master bedroom

In the old house, our bedroom was light grey and I always loved it, but secretly wished it was darker. So this time around, we went with the darkest grey we could find that didn’t look black in person. Enter peppercorn. Peppercorn is delicious in the bedroom. I needed a little mood and a little drama in here.

sherwin williams peppercorn

master bedroom mirror

I painted my $25 thrifted mirror with some leftover paint and paired it with the thrifted parson’s table.

peppercorn paint color

I hung the $2 medicine cabinet that I got at a yard sale a few years ago. Mixed up my sheets (I love mixing sheet patterns) and just shopped the house for stuff we already had that we could use in a new way. I love the bookpage wreath against the dark wall, and that wreath has surprised me and lasted FIVE years!

duct tape diamonds

Here’s a reminder of our bedroom in the last house. The room was much larger with higher ceilings and more windows. I’ll always love this room and it was quite photogenic.

dark grey master bedroom

The current room feels really cozy. And personal. And masculine. It suits us really well out here in the country. Most of the furniture is the same, but the setting is different. That’s my favorite part about decorating, the same stuff can feel like all new stuff with just a few changes.

master before

Here’s the just moved in, before. I think it’s important to know that all I purchased for this room was paint for one wall, two more pair of drapes, and a new rustic-meets-modern light fixture. It was SO easy to change this room up. Why, WHY do I always wait forever to make a days worth of changes that takes a space from hate to love?!

my side


*Thanks to Sherwin-Williams for partnering with Nesting Place for this post

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  1. Definitely the master bedroom. It’s seen no changes in *gulp* 13 YEARS! And I can’t believe I just admitted that. Five gallons of paint would be the “kick in the pants” that I need. Your bedroom is gorgeous! And thanks for the giveaway.

  2. WOW!! What a transformation!! Just having one wall painted in a darker color makes such a statement!! I so wish I had the guts to do it!! My bedroom would be the first room to be repainted for sure!!!

  3. I would jump for joy for 5 gallons of paint!!! We moved into a new house a year ago and re-painted the living room, but I hate the color. It feels too wasteful to re-paint it, so i’m going to live with it (I think…) Love your bedroom – it looks beautiful!!

  4. Allison says:

    The kitchen!

  5. ooo, LOVE the grey! we had it in one of our mater bedrooms (we’ve moved almost as many times as you guys!) and LOVED it :)
    For now, either our master bedroom or any of the bathrooms could use a coat of fresh paint!

  6. I would paint the living room. Hasn’t been painted in 6 years. Ugly

  7. I love the prints you have on the right side of the bed! WHere’d you get them? (Please :)

  8. I would paint my children’s bedroom. It was painted really badly by( I am assuming) the child of the people that lived here before us a dark blue. I know this because they got a lot of that paint on the white ceiling. Then they painted the room a neutral color to sell the house, but obviously did a rush job. It has been like that for the six years we have lived here. While they are both college students and only stay in there over breaks, I really want to make that room nice for them.

  9. joanna n. says:

    hmmm…our bedroom…or the laundry…or the mudroom. don’t know what would come first, but one of them. =) btw, nice, quick makeover! much better than the just-moved-in look!

  10. Ginger N says:

    I’m moving into a new apartment in July – so all of them! But I think I’ll start with the master bedroom. P.S., love love LOVE your book! Bought the only copy in the Arlington, VA B&N the night it was released, so send them some more! :)

  11. I would paint my open plan combo kitchen, family, music area. Didn’t go with my gut (that said “lighter” and “brighter” and most importantly, “branch out!”) and with indecision looming chose a color I had loved in our previous home (that had way more light and windows). I was in a rush and it serves me right for not being patient in making a decision! Doesn’t our “Now!!” mentality usually bite us in the butt? ;-) It’s currently too dark, too gray and too blue. Would love to paint over it!

  12. Sharon says:

    LOVE your “new” bedroom. Isn’t it amazing what a day of creative investment can do to a room?

    I have a kitchen and family room that would be beautiful – again – with a “new do”….!


  13. I love it! After reading this, I’m ready to get going on my master bedroom! We moved into our home 11 months ago and have worked/tweaked almost every single room in our home EXCEPT our bedroom. The paint would come in handy and I’ve used it before and I love it! I love seeing the progress in your home and I love living in the progress of mine.

  14. My entire house, but especially my living room and laundry room.

  15. Oh, gosh. Our whole house needs paint. But the highest priority is the Master Bedroom. It is currently orange and being Georgia fans, that just doesn’t work for us.

  16. dawn in sac says:

    Oh….where do I start? We are leaving our well loved home of 10 years that is full of wonderful shades of color and are moving into a beige upon beige with beige trim and tan carpet. It is a sea of….nothingness but ooooozing with opportunity. I love color and with so many spaces in the new place that need paint, any room with color would be an improvment over boring beige. Winning paint would be a wonderful treat for sore eyes.

    Oh yes,,,,,love the book and the wisdom between the lines.

    dawn in sac

  17. I was never a fan of grey until we painted our kids bathroom. It turned out so well even with the 90’s faux green marble laminate. (If you would like to see pictures http://myonesquareinch.blogspot.com/2014/04/bathroom-before-and-after.html)
    I’m looking for the right shade for the kitchen now.

  18. Debbie M. says:

    Our bathroom! We moved into our house 9 months ago & painted 3 swatches of sample paint on the wall. Sadly, they are still there! Winning this paint would definitely be the “kick in the pants” we need to work on our bathroom!

  19. We moved in over a year and a half ago and my daughters’ rooms are screaming for some fresh paint!

  20. Kathlyn says:

    Has to be the kitchen. Tiny window facing north, plus old dark cabinets – not good. A paint makeover with a color that reflects light would be awesome!

  21. Every room in our house has primed-only walls, so it would be hard to decide where to start. Either the the bedroom or kitchen/dining area, I think.

  22. Oh my how the living room/entry needs paint!

  23. brantlee says:

    The master bedroom for sure.

  24. Master bedroom, hallway, and dining room all need paint. I am overwhelmed at trying to make color choices, but winning some paint would kick-start me, I think!

  25. you are a wizard. what a lovely room you’ve created.

  26. i’m in the same situation, our master bed room needs a lift and paint would be the best first step.
    p.s. love you and your blog and can’t wait to read your book.

  27. my living room all the way! It needs it so bad but I am in a rental and have always thought, why bother when I’m renting?! But now, with your perspective, maybe I can take a risk on even this small little rental and end up loving it!

  28. after seeing this, I’m thinking my bedroom needs painted. just wow.

  29. I might need to try peppercorn in my office/craft room. It’s up next on my to do list!

  30. I love that color! It looks great. My bedroom needs painting desperately!! The layout is very similar to yours except when we built ours we put a door instead of a window on the bed side.

  31. my husband’s office is an awful peachy color and desperately needs some new paint!

  32. Melody says:

    Definitely the family room —- it’s been TWENTY YEARS!! And the Laundry Room —- it’s been even LONGER! 5 gallons of paint would do wonders! :)

  33. Our great room is a dark camel color which has been driving me crazy for over a year. It is a large area so it would need 5 gallons of paint:) I also have a dark accent wall that is chipped from kids grocery carts and toys:) So ready for a change and to lighten up our house!

  34. Amanda says:

    I would repaint my boys’ room. It’s too monotone with brown walls and a brown bunk bed!

  35. The guest bath! We started a reno project four years ago. After it sitting unfinished for about 3 1/2
    of those years we have recently started reexamining it and wanting to get it finihed already.

  36. Definitely my bedroom

  37. Oh my master bedroom and the kitchen could both use some major help and new paint would be just the ticket!

  38. Laurie says:

    “Why, WHY do I always wait forever to make a days worth of changes that takes a space from hate to love?!”

    If you’re like me, I like to let the ideas simmer for while and solidify before I jump in and make my changes.

  39. I’m getting married in September & will be moving into the man’s mancave/ bachelor pad. Our future master bedroom needs paint & a woman’s touch BAD. Would love to do something with the gallant gold!

  40. Michaela says:

    We need to pain out master bedroom and bathroom. After never getting to our room in our previous house, I painted our room first this time around. Now it has been 7 years, and it needs a makeover. The milk chocolate brown and teal was bold and fun, but now I am ready for soothing and sophisticated.

  41. Beautiful transformation!

    Our master bedroom is need of transformation-big time. It’s a blue box right now, and I’m seriously out of ideas for what to do different. A whole new color would just the kick in the rear I need!

  42. Aubrey M says:

    My living room and bedroom. I bought this house a year ago and still haven’t made up my mind about a color.

  43. The bathroom is mint green and that desperately needs to change. Or the baby’s room. Or the master bedroom. So many possibilities! Your bedroom is beautiful!

  44. Jessica says:

    I would love 5 gallons of Sherwin Williams paint! We moved into our house last summer and are slowing redo-ing each room! My son’s bedroom, playroom/spare bedroom and the master bedroom all have to be repainted!! I absolutely love this peppercorn for the master! Such a great look!

  45. I love this bedroom makeover! It’s got some much charm,textures,prints,treasures & all comes together so well! It reminds me of a Sanction of all things you love compiled into one cute & chic bedroom!


  46. Melissa says:

    We are currently renting but looking for a home. In the rental I would paint the fireplace a clean white. Depending on which house God provides will determine which room needs to be painted. The kitchen will be high on my priority list. :)

  47. I would love to try peppercorn in my foyer and upstairs hall. I have painted it twice now with greys that are too purple and too light. Peppercorn is the saturation I need!

  48. My daughter’s bedroom! We recently moved and haven’t done a thing to her room. We’re expecting a baby in July so my 21month old is getting ready to transition out of her crib and into her “big girl bed” to make room for the new little one. I would love to give her a big girl room that she loves! :)

  49. Angela says:

    My son’s room needs some color on the walls. And I’d love to change the paint in our bonus room, which is actually our nursery/guest room combo.

  50. We’re buying a new house soon, and I’s love to paint my bedroom something other than white or green! I had a green bedroom for the longest time in our last home!

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