Big Fringe & Lots of Friends

me & emsisters. me & em

Over the weekend we had a little party for locals friends and family.


We all ‘sat on the cover’ and I signed their books and they all signed my original copy.

well this is fun

I had no idea how to sign my own name in a book so a few weeks ago I practiced in this one on multiple pages with multiple pens so I could find the right combination.








DSC_5203mom & dad, emily & me, just like old times!






I think this is the part where Emily and Dad told Bri about The Ugandan Secret, Bri was on the trip too. If you are a Hope*ologist you’ll get that. Everyone else, please disregard this photo.

DSC_4736 2


Thank you to Carole, Amy and Alex from Bebe Gallini’s for hosting this fun party. Carole worked so hard that she’s a blur in the photos.

To Reeve for singing…

To Sophie for taking these photos…

To Emily for keeping me sane because she’s already written 3 books and knows how to do stuff like this…

To Chad for lugging in all the cover furniture…



Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled imperfect blog posts–I can’t wait to show you what color we painted our bedroom!

Also, I highly recommend the Big Fringe Garland. We keep making more so we can decorate with it for every party, when you are done, you just roll it up and use it again next time!

Lastly, YOU ALL.

Your emails and tweets and IGs and messages and texts about this book? You made this the best week ever. This was SO FUN!

the nesting place book


  1. What a fabulous booksigning party, everything looks amazing. I am almost finished with your book and it is fabulous. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! I love that everyone got to sit on the cover. :) Yay for you and this wonderful book!

  3. i’m so sorry i missed this! looks like a beautiful day celebrating a beautiful lady and a beautiful contribution for us all!

  4. Anxiously awaiting my copy here in Canada! Just became available late last week! Can your dad get any more hip! Those fun converse high tops!! Love It :)

  5. What a cool photo album. What a fabulous celebration!

    Abundant blessings to you, to yours, Nester. Savor every sparkling moment, my friend. God is good …

  6. you are so easy to celebrate. you shine like stars in the universe. you restore my faith in humanity. you make me believe in myself. you are a world changer. i knew your book would make me laugh, but i did not know it would make me cry. and i did not know that it would be the best thing tim and i ever read about marriage. writing about you today. oh and next book, you are SO sitting in the front. xo…CBL

  7. What a beautiful party with all the fringe garlands and people you love!
    I purchased my copy of Nesting Place over the weekend at our local B&N, and I almost started crying right in the middle of the B&N Coffee shop while I was reading it (no joke, but I didn’t. thank goodness). Your book tells the true story of your life journey, and it touched me in a way no other books has ever before. Thank you so much for all that you share with us. You’re such an inspiration to me!

  8. What a fun experience this must have been! Congratulations :)

  9. What fun! I’m itching to get my book…it shipped and I can’t wait!

  10. What a way to celebrate! Fun all the way around. So enjoying the book, and cannot wait to print my image to display as well!!!

  11. You are amazing. I read the book cover to cover in one sitting as soon as it came in the mail. I cried and laughed the whole way. Thank you for being who you are. Good luck selling your book! I know you will do amazing! xoxo

  12. This looks so fun! I love that you had everyone sign your original copy, what a great idea.

  13. This looks like a ton of fun. Your dad is so cool with his chucks! You have a cool family – no doubts. I can’t believe how big your boys are getting!

    I am reading the book now, the only thing better would be to have it signed!

    Congratulations again!

  14. You’ve gotta love a woman who wears shoes the color of the inside of her book cover! I’m loving the book. It’s like going over to an old friend’s house and feeling the warmth of talking while looking at all the familiar pretty things!

    • the shoes are even on the cover! so TECHnically, they matched the cover to my shoes!!!

      • I should have noticed that, but I always take the book jacket off because I end up ripping them. And the hard cover is so pretty! My 20 year-old son looked at it and said, “That is the coolest cover I’ve ever seen! Hard covers are always one color and plain, but this one is amazing!”

  15. I LOVED being there and getting to “sit” in the front cover of your book. What a great idea! But then you are always full of great ideas!! So fun to meet Emily and your dad too. I was so surprise that you remembered me. I wonder what color you painted the bedroom. I’m thinking of doing ours dark midnight blue, maybe just do one wall to start to see how it looks.

  16. Congratulations on your book release & such a beautiful release party! Family and friends are the best.

  17. Congratulations on such a momentous occasion, Nester! I finally had a chance to sit down and start reading last night and was up WAY too late. Loving the book so far!

    And your dad wears Chucks? Could he BE any cuter? :)

  18. I just received my copy today in the mail!!! Loving it and Congratulations! I know this won’t be your last book. I’m very happy for you and your family. This summer looks very promising for your family as the first one in your new home and property – good luck and God bless! Talk about the gift of patience and perseverance!!

  19. Great photos! And looks like a super-fun celebration. Congrats!
    Ordered your book this morning from Amazon. I’ll have it on Wednesday.
    Can’t wait to dig in. : )

  20. I had a great time on Saturday! That photo of us is priceless. Love that the moment was captured. The event was great and it was an absolute pleasure meeting you! Congratulations again on the book and the gorgeous cover!

  21. Glad your day was a smash hit! Finished the book and will probably read it again and refer to it often. Lots to be savored in those pages. You may have just turned the decorating world on it’s ear. No more rules! I’ve never been a big fan of rules anyway!

  22. congratulations, YOU! i especially love the picture with you and Em and your mama and papa – they must be so proud of y’all. :D

  23. I picked up the book at B&N this past weekend, and I am in love with it. As a renter, (and also as someone who wants to have a cozy and beautiful home) it is EXACTLY what I needed to hear (or read, in this case). I’m newly inspired, and so thankful that I picked it up. I have taken my time reading it (I’m on page 137), because I just don’t want it to end. I normally speed through books in no time, but this is one of those (few) books that I want to savor. Thank you for such a beautiful, wonderful book. Congrats!!!

  24. Thanks for the recap! Still sad I missed it but I got some good Mom-time that morning.

  25. Some really sweet photos!! Loved the nostalgia photo… your can tell your adorable parents are so proud of their girls! Can’t wait to read your book! The peach shoes are really cute…how fun that they are on the cover. You wear them with style : )

  26. As I began reading the first paragraph, I thought I was reading something that I might have written. Each sentence described my exact thoughts I’ve had for 10 years about my never-ending desire to get every room in my house to reflect my style. With stacks of interior design mags and books all over my house, you would think, by now, that I would know just how to create a well-designed room. Not the case. I still have, after 10 years in this house, bare walls and even entire rooms that remain neglected because of this silly feeling that if I can’t afford to do it “right” then, I just won’t do anything. Or, as a result of past design goofs and purchasing mistakes, I’m reluctant to try any new ideas.

    I’m only a few chapters into the book but, just wanted you to know that, so far, your words have already succeeded in giving me some peace with where I am in my quest for creating a home that makes me happy. Thank you for sharing your story.

  27. I sooooo loved being there and singing for you and your peeps. But I do hate that I missed the fact that people signed your book…save me a spot for that!

    love you.

  28. What a fun party!! Was wondering where you got those incredible pink shoes?!!

  29. Thank you for writing such an inspiring book!! I got it in the mail today and it was like Christmas. I loaded up my four kids (ages 6 and under!) In the van and ran to Walmart to get diapers but really I was fired up to do some sprucing up on the cheap! I got 3 succulents and planted them in a cute little footed bowl I have. I grabbed plastic house numbers (1, 2 & 3) to paint and glue on wood bins. We are looking to buy our 1st house and it will have to be a fixer-upper. Thank you for helping me look past the ugliness and seeing potential! You are AWESOME!

  30. What a great party! Where can I fins those darling pink shoes?!

  31. Shannon Collins says

    I am LOVING the book!! Just like Susan, I want to know where I can find those shoes! So cute! Thank you for inspiring all of us and letting us know if we love it, it is perfect for us!!

  32. le anne bull says

    since i got the book – i have “dog eared” pages, stinky notes (with notes), and lots of hearts next to statements that hit home and are how i feel. the whole book is an inspiration! thanks for reminding me that renting is ok (we live on the top floor of an apartment complex – we call it our penthouse), and that my house is a home and doesn’t have to be magazine photo perfect to make memories! many blessings!

  33. bought the book. inspired. decorating without waiting for perfection. You are appreciated, thank you!

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