I changed up my office just a little.

Normally, it looks like this.  Blue and brownish.  I consider blue a neutral in this house.


I added pink in the spring.

It takes almost nothing to change the look of a room.  I like to mix things up just for fun.  It started with this bust I’ve had my eye on forever.  I blame Edie for my bust obsession. I didn’t care if I had a David or not, I just wanted someone with a non evil look on their face and having a hole in their head for a plant was an extra bonus.  This bust started out at $68 which was really a fair price.  But it went on sale for $28 at my local Blacklion and I couldn’t snatch it up quick enough, I carried it bust to bust all the way to the register.  Any one know who she is?  Is she just a random lady?  Shall we name her?

The planter is dug out of the head all the way to the bottom so instead of filling it with something, I just plopped a potted plant into the hole.  But, you could see some of the pot and that was kind of ugly.  Earlier that same day I made some tissue paper pom poms and had rows of these pointed tissue edges left over.  I wrapped them around the plant to look kind of crownish.  I love it when the stars line up like that.  They line up more than we think~we just need to pay attention.

I found the mirror at Value Village Thrift Store.  It was a splurge for me at $25.  I bought it to go in one of my boys’ rooms.  None of them have a mirror and I’m still thinking it’s going to end up there, it just made a little detour in my office for a little while.  The mirror would look better hung but, since it’s not gonna stay here, I’ll just lean it and enjoy it as it is.  I knew I wanted yellow but instead of buying yellow paint, I mixed up some out of the 947 cans of paint I have in my garage.  Getting the right color is sometimes easier if you mix it yourself.

And so the yellow mirror wouldn’t be lonely, I had my son paint a stump with the same concoction.

I think it’s so fun to mix things up and change things around. Usually all I need is one new piece and it spurs a chain reaction of updates and creative ideas.  And now I’m thinking about what the next pop of color might be in my office~I have a feeling orange or green will be making an appearance for fall.