Color Pop

I changed up my office just a little.

Normally, it looks like this.  Blue and brownish.  I consider blue a neutral in this house.


I added pink in the spring.

It takes almost nothing to change the look of a room.  I like to mix things up just for fun.  It started with this bust I’ve had my eye on forever.  I blame Edie for my bust obsession. I didn’t care if I had a David or not, I just wanted someone with a non evil look on their face and having a hole in their head for a plant was an extra bonus.  This bust started out at $68 which was really a fair price.  But it went on sale for $28 at my local Blacklion and I couldn’t snatch it up quick enough, I carried it bust to bust all the way to the register.  Any one know who she is?  Is she just a random lady?  Shall we name her?

The planter is dug out of the head all the way to the bottom so instead of filling it with something, I just plopped a potted plant into the hole.  But, you could see some of the pot and that was kind of ugly.  Earlier that same day I made some tissue paper pom poms and had rows of these pointed tissue edges left over.  I wrapped them around the plant to look kind of crownish.  I love it when the stars line up like that.  They line up more than we think~we just need to pay attention.

I found the mirror at Value Village Thrift Store.  It was a splurge for me at $25.  I bought it to go in one of my boys’ rooms.  None of them have a mirror and I’m still thinking it’s going to end up there, it just made a little detour in my office for a little while.  The mirror would look better hung but, since it’s not gonna stay here, I’ll just lean it and enjoy it as it is.  I knew I wanted yellow but instead of buying yellow paint, I mixed up some out of the 947 cans of paint I have in my garage.  Getting the right color is sometimes easier if you mix it yourself.

And so the yellow mirror wouldn’t be lonely, I had my son paint a stump with the same concoction.

I think it’s so fun to mix things up and change things around. Usually all I need is one new piece and it spurs a chain reaction of updates and creative ideas.  And now I’m thinking about what the next pop of color might be in my office~I have a feeling orange or green will be making an appearance for fall.


  1. Nester: I love this room! And I want those lamps, too! Do tell where you got them, we want to know!

  2. I LOVE the pink in there!! Fabulous!! It adds such energy.

  3. Can you come and do my new house, pretty please? :)

  4. I, too, would love to know where you bought those lovely lamps!! Please let us know :-)

  5. About that mirror you bought for the office….does it have the name of the company that made it on the back? I’m looking for this exact mirror as it’s the same mirror that Emily Clark used in her daughter’s bedroom that I’m currently attempting to duplicate. If you have a minute, could you email me any information you might have on it. Craigslist could have it! Thanks!

  6. Interesting to spot the transformations. But I prefer the before makeover in pic #2 minus the animal head on the wall.

  7. I have always loved your office! I used it for my inspiration for my own den!!

  8. Sarah Stephenson says

    Where did that beautiful blue rug come from? Thanks!

  9. The way you did the lady was really cute.

    Pink’s my favorite color so that was pretty in your office too. And the stars do line up when I’m doing a grouping. Fun.

  10. I love how that one color can make such a difference!

  11. Laura Clark says

    I would LOVE to have that blue rug. Do you recall where you got it? Blue is my neutral, also :)

  12. Love the room. What color is the armoire?

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