How to Make A Newspaper Bag

how to make a paper bag

While we were in Uganda we stopped to buy coffee and the store put our coffee in the CUTEST newspaper bags. I was so excited on the inside because I just knew this newspaper bag would be the BEST craft ever for me to make and share with you. Pinterest would go wild with Newspaper bags plus, recycling! No more haters from my ‘wasteful’ plastic spoon laurel wreath. I’ll redeem myself with this bag.

So I came home, took some glamor shots of the Ugandan bag then slowly deconstructed it. Which is craft speak for I tore it apart.

I scoured the house for newspaper. We don’t subscribe to any but I remembered seeing some in the barn. And buying a newspaper for this craft just didn’t seem respectable. Finally I found the one newspaper we actually had. I lined up about 3 sheets and..

newspaper bag

I took photos along the way and realized it was getting more and more difficult to make. How would I explain things like making weird folds that I didn’t measure with actual words?

I honestly don’t even know the words to explain how this happened. It just got made. I’m debating whether or not it was worth the 10 minutes it took me to figure it out. But if you are ever in an emergency situation where you need to make a bag out of newspaper, maybe you can recall these not so simple steps that I don’t have words for…

i hate newspaper bags
If you want to make one good luck learning from me. The most impatient crafter ever.

Somehow I never checked to make sure I wasn’t making a bag out of football players’s hineys and NASCAR smoke.

newspaper bag


newspaper bags


I thought this newspaper bag was a huge fail but my dad and boys thought it was kind of cool. Makes a great dude gift bag I guess.

Might I suggest you use the home & garden section if you want a less masculine bag?

DIYers who’ve done this 1000 times better than me:


How to Make Gift Bags from Newspapers @ How About Orange

diy paper giftbag

Paper Gift Bag (just with washi tape & paper!) @ Hello Sandwich

patterened paper bag diy

Pretty Patterned Gift Bags @ Next to Nicx

Have you ever made something that turned out less spectacular than you expected?


  1. I think the question for me is, “Have I ever made something that turned out exactly as I had hoped? On the first try?” Your bag is fun and masculine-ly quirky. Like most of my favorite men!

  2. I think if you wrapped it around a form, like a shoebox, it would not feel so awkward. I knit things all the time that don’t turn out as I’ve planned. I just rip them out and make something else!

  3. Love the idea. I was curious, how was the original bag from Uganda secured? Did they tape, glue? or did it just hold together from oragami genius?

  4. What at cool idea! I’d love to see more of your photos from Uganda sometime. Hope you show us more :)

  5. Just found your wonderful blog-so glad I did.
    I am working on re-creating a book page garland I saw in Anthropologie….making tons of mistakes along the way as well as realizing how I can better it as I go. Which means lots of patience and going back and making sure I’ve done a good job. Especially since it’s for a friends’ wedding!

  6. You are too funny! :)

  7. “Have you ever made something that turned out less spectacular than you expected?” Hahh hahh hah, YES! Like evey other time I try a new recipe. I think it’s going to be so awesome and look good too, and then in the end it’s just meh. But I’m still glad most of the time that I wasted all that time ahem I mean “that I learned something new”.

  8. I love you for posting this!

    Oh, and in answer to your question um, yes. I have made many a “brilliant” craft that fell (quite literally) flat. Eeeeeevery now and then I get the pleasant surprise of a great idea turning out exactly as I’d envisioned or maybe even a little better, but many times, they’re a bit on the fail-ish side. Meh.

  9. Melissa McIntyre says

    I agree with Ashley, you are too funny! And honest and imperfect thus making you nearly perfect! Hah!!! Yes. Yes I have. Recently I recovered a sofa( with a pull out bed) that was given to us. I took rough measurements and was convinced that an Ikea slip cover would fit perfectly. Um, no. Not quite perfect. I ended up having to “borrow” some fabric from the body piece of the cover to sew onto the back of the sides. I know that probably doesn’t make any sense, sorry! It looks great now unless you actually LOOK back there, but I figured WHO CARES it’s hidden by side tables and doesn’t look THAT bad anyway! It looks WAY better than it did before so I’m happy :-) Less than perfect, but better! It’s a win-win!

  10. You are the best ever! Every single time I want to share how I made something, this happens.

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  12. I got distracted by the ‘flappy bird’ comment above me. Anyway…..

    I thought I was the only one this happened to. The bag looks cute though, and I think I can follow your pictorial instructions. :-)

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