It’s Thanksgiving, Your Family is Together! You should plan a craft!

broke bread

It’s almost Thanksgiving!

You certainly don’t need me to tell you how to cook a turkey, make cranberry Sangria (please make it though) or decorate a table (grab some eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s & a few pomegranates and spread them out garland style on the table–DONE!).

craft time

But might I suggest something often overlooked?

If you are lucky, you get to spend the day with your family and friends–all ages, all opinions on the election, all hanging out together. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fun, simple project to keep your hands busy, that leads to encouraging each other, where the kids can have fun with the adults?

Of course, no one is forced to participate, they can watch the game or take a nap or whatever. But for those who’d like something to do, consider bringing or providing a few simple supplies for a craft this Thanksgiving…

fall craft idea

A simple fall craft–basically, Gold paint pens, leaves and washi tape–have the kids collect the leaves after you eat turkey–it makes the craft last even longer!

beadded tassel

Make a beaded tassel. This is so simple and fun!

fingerknit garland

Fingerknit Garland great for older kids, you’ll just need a yarn ball for each person.

paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes, this video is easy to follow.

book page crafts

20 fun ways to use book pages — fun crafts to do together!

how to draw laurels

How to draw laurels.

glittered feathers

Glittered feathers look great with your Christmas decor, can be used as bookmarks (yep, I use feathers for book marks all the time!) and are just fun to make.

Maybe it’s Thanksgiving morning and you are reading this–pull out an old jigsaw puzzle, take a few minutes and start putting it together in anticipation of your guests because nothing is more inviting than a puzzle that’s already been started!




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