Last week I saw a photo over at Casa Sugar and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.  I love projects where you don’t have to think or spend much money.  Hot glue, 50ish spoons and 15 minutes.

I made one out of blue and green spoons too.  I like the white one better and I think the white wreath only cost $3.  This blue and green one was eight dollars.  If you look closely in the inspiration photo you can see they used different shades of the same color~that’s probably the best option but I was impatient and my Target only had 3 packages of blue and I had a feeling that wouldn’t be enough.  The next closest color was green.

A fun little mindless project that you can throw away/recycle if you hate it and not feel guilty.  Or if you want, at your next picnic save everyone’s spoons wash ’em up and reuse them–see safe from the landfill.

Just put your hot glue on the same two spots on each spoon-the back of the bowl and then the end of the handle, you can adjust it depending on your spoons.  I used 40-50 spoons for each wreath.

Happy Spooning!