Go Find Your Own Art

About a month ago while doing some inspiration browsing at Z Gallerie, I feel in love with some paintings.  This one called Limecicles caught my eye first.  You can’t tell on the screen but it’s pure texture.  Each line of color is separated by deep ridges that you can’t help but touch and run your […]

Not Just Because

Today I’m busy with life stuff.  I’m gathering transcripts–wait they don’t have any? Medical records {picked them up two weeks ago and lost them, now going to pick them up again} and birth certificates for an upcoming school change.  I planned to not even have a post today.  But then I read this.  From my […]

31 Days To a Less Messy Nest Day 19:: For the Right Reasons

The reason I like my house to be less messy is two fold.  1. When the house is less messy, it is available. Last Friday morning my sister called and wanted to make a spur of the moment visit.  All I had to do was get groceries and put sheets on the guest bed.  I […]

Striped Drapes

Inquiring minds need to know where I bought my drapes, who made my drapes and if I painted my drapes.  Well, I hate to let you all down but, round these parts, I make my own drapes.  They are called Window Mistreatments because I do it all wrong, I rarely sew, it takes 5 minutes […]

Why Do You Blog?

All week I’ve been putting off writing about what Em and I talked about at She Speaks. Our topic was Defining and Refining the purpose of your blog. A topic very near to my heart. But the idea of writing all that stuff out was overwhelming. Luckily, I waited long enough that my little sister […]

Tuesdays Unwrapped

Tuesdays Unwrapped. Over at Chatting at the Sky my sister is busy not being busy. She’s encouraging us to notice the small, unexpected real life that is right now. This is my Tuesday {as it was my Monday too} a sick baby. I can call a 7 soon to be 8 year old a baby […]