Inquiring minds need to know where I bought my drapes, who made my drapes and if I painted my drapes.  Well, I hate to let you all down but, round these parts, I make my own drapes.  They are called Window Mistreatments because I do it all wrong, I rarely sew, it takes 5 minutes and it ends up looking good enough.  You can read all you want to here at the Window Mistreatment Category.  And after reading how I’ve done it before, I’m sure you can figure out how I clipped up my fabric here. I have yet to be arrested for having unlined, unhemmed drapes.  If I ever do get arrested, I’ll have to come here and raise my bail money.

Every day I get 4 emails asking about the fabric.  I don’t know the name of it but, I purchased the fabric from Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC.  The white is a tiny bit off white and the brown has a hint of olive.  Perfect for this room.  I started the mistreatment ebook over a year ago.  I am the worlds biggest procrastinator.

Mary Jo’s like all fabric stores, has a TON of fabric, what I choose had the stripes running the opposite way than what I decided I wanted so, I did have to pull out my sewing machine to make it work.  You don’t have to sew to have horizontal striped drapes~the shortcut would be to simply buy fabric with the stripes going the other way, which is not hard to find.

Updated:  According to Mary Jo’s this fabric has been discontinued, I never found out the name, but check the comments for all sorts of ideas on how to get your hands on something similar.

In other news, yesterday’s comments were fantastic.  They conjured up memories of childhood plants. On the left, Emily and I are taking a backyard garden tour from our Great-Grandpa, I tried to act interested in the vegetables but, I really just wanted to make our way over to the thick row of peonies and pick them all.  On the right we are apparently trying out for the circus.  But see that stick with a few leafs at the end of it?  That was our rose.  I think it bloomed once a year and I was enamored with it.