The reason I like my house to be less messy is two fold. 

1. When the house is less messy, it is available.

Last Friday morning my sister called and wanted to make a spur of the moment visit.  All I had to do was get groceries and put sheets on the guest bed.  I could fully enjoy the fact that we got to hang out with them.  And fully enjoy our home.

2. I function better in a less messy nest.

If I feel like my house is a wreck, I am unsettled and ultimately I make my people miserable. I am a better person when our home is somewhat tidy and organized.

You may want your house to be less messy for other reasons. And my definition of “less messy” may be WAY different than yours.  And that is totally fine.

One way I accomplish having a less messy nest is to let go of expectations. I’m not very good at too many things but one of my biggest strengths is my ability to put up with imperfection. Learning to enjoy the pretty while living with the good enough for now takes practice.

Life is quickly passing by even while your home is less than perfect.

Last Easter we had 30 + people over for lunch.  Most had never been to our home before.  The house looked random, chaotic, odd, and other adjectives that I hate to associate with my nest.  I had one drape hung, sample paint colors on the walls and hardly any furniture in the family room.  And I made it a point not to apologize for any of it.  The focus was on the people.  It was perfect. Perfect for all the right reasons.

What is the the purpose of your home in this season of life and how does that affect your standards of messiness and perfection?

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