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About a month ago while doing some inspiration browsing at Z Gallerie, I feel in love with some paintings.  This one called Limecicles caught my eye first.  You can’t tell on the screen but it’s pure texture.  Each line of color is separated by deep ridges that you can’t help but touch and run your fingers up and down.

Next I saw Bluecicles.  Oh the humanity.  I know this style isn’t for everyone. That’s not the point of this post anyway.  I loved them.  And the dimension that the raised ridges added makes the whole experience.

Then I found the QUEEN. Icicles. Stop the world!  Quiet, unassuming, peaceful, but still intense in its own way.  White has a way to quiet a room in a way that I’m becoming addicted to and this shimmery white abstract painting was lovely but I couldn’t justify the $399 price tag.

Weeks later I was still thinking about that painting and wondering if something like it would work in our bedroom.  Instead of investing in a $40 large canvas and white shimmery paint and texturizer stuff that I don’t even know what it is, I thought I’d experiment.  I grabbed a small blank canvas and for texture found some thick school glue.  I just made globby straight lines and let them dry for a few hours.

Then I dug out what paint I had.  My flat wall paint was almost frozen but I cared not.  I’m going for texture anyway so I just spread it all around.

The end result is elementary and not as stunning as the real painting but, I like it enough to know that it’s worth the investment into a large canvas and some shimmery paint for our bedroom.

You don’t need to be certified or endowed or ordained to be an artist .  You just have to want to and not be afraid to try. Everyone won’t like it, and that’s the entire point, if everyone likes something then it’s not special and it’s certainly not art.

My sister’s been writing about art lately.  Art is more than paint and school glue, go read more about what she says because each of us is an artist inside.  Yes, that means you, and it may not be in the way that you think.


  1. I like to do my own art as well….sometimes it turns out well and sometimes it does not! But as I get older I figure, GO FOR IT!! Thanks for you inspiration!(PS…I am going to work on my drawing of a liger!)lol….

  2. Hi Nester, I thought it looked fabulous! Simple and elegant! That might be just what I have been looking for to place on the huge wall above my couch. I’m almost 100% sure I will give it a try! Will send pictures later!! Thank you!

  3. Love it (the art and the post)! I have always been one of those that’s a little scared to try because I don’t think it will be perfect. Your blog has been the biggest inspiration for me!
    My whole house is neutral and blah and I’ve been so sick of it forever, but scared to try something new. But, this weekend I painted my coffee table white! And I’ve got plans to slip cover my couch that I’ve hated for the last 3 years thanks to you and Pink and Polka Dot and I’m painting our tv stand robin’s egg blue!
    And I can’t wait to try some “mistreatments”!
    Thanks so much for teaching me that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!! :)

  4. I think it’s brilliant and just gorgeous. I’ll definitely be trying my hand at this!!

  5. Thank you for always being an encouragment to us in our creative endeavors. I actually have a canvas to paint over for our bedroom this week (we’ve had bare walls in there for nearly 3 years now…ouch!). My boys helped create what we call “heart art” for the hallway just yesterday. We had a blast!


    Thanks again for your positivity!


  6. you’re awesome. and napoleon dynamite is one of my all time faves.

  7. One of my artistic-bents is music/singing. My biggest fear was being “one of those who did, and shouldn’t have!” You know, the people who sing the national anthem, and yet can’t even carry a tune? The fear that I will have overestimated my abilities (big fish in a small pond?) and stepped into a territory I had no business venturing into. That led into my other fear, a fear of wasting time. I am very goal-oriented, a homeschooling mom of three, with no time to “waste.” Of course, I KNOW that time spent creating is valuable for the process itself, but in my perfectionism, I want to know that the end result will also have value. The last two years I have come a LONG way, in deciding I was creating for me, and if I was having fun, it was a success. I needed creating to be fun again… it’s working! :)

  8. I’m not sure how it looks in person but it looks great here! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Love the out of box thinking.
    I’m a huge fan of texture.

    I’m thinking there might be a “tree and branches” interpretation using your glue idea making it’s “opening” soon :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Oooohhh – LOVE what you did with it. I am just loving those straight lines!! I did a messy line {complete with shimmery paint} painting for above our bed. Similar… but messier :) You can see a picture of it here – http://www.jessicalynette.com/home/bed-of-roses/ {second image} – you can’t really see the shimmer paint in the picture, but the paint color is the same color as our wall, just with a bit of a shimmer and then framed.
    I am going to have to try the straight line texture!

  11. Love it! It’s wonderful when creativity pays off.

  12. You are very creative :D This is pure art, you have created artworke from almost nothing! This is absolutely fantastic !
    Best wishes
    Kristín K.

  13. I thought this was a great post, but then you had to go and put Napoleon Dynamite on it. Now it’s an EXCELLENT post! :D

  14. Love it! Michaels has had canvasses on sale a lot lately, and this has me thinking I should really go buy one! I wonder what would happen if you took a wide tooth comb through the glue… I’ll let you know when I try!

  15. I have been in love with Bluecicles for forever now! And I have always thought, I should try it on my own. I like your idea of glue. I wonder if I also used glue, if I could paint the colors on top of the glue…

  16. Love the idea of it! I did something similiar with a print I saw at Pier One…couldn’t justify spending $300. So, I gave it a whirl at home. It didn’t turn out exactly like the original, but I made it myself and I liked it!

  17. I am new to your blog and saw this post . . . I’ve already completed one of these art projects for my daughters’ room (it was my smaller “practice” project) since reading your post and have a large canvas, in waiting, for over my couch in our living room. I LOVE how the smaller “practice” canvas turned out and am excited to see how the larger one looks after it’s finished. Such a great idea – beautiful, easy and so fun!!!

  18. Good for you for trying it out with what you had, when you had it. I’m all about spontaneity in art!

  19. I am definitely going to try this out!! SUCh a fun idea, and it would go perfectly in my bedroom :) thx!!

  20. Came to your site from the cozy LoveComingHome.com folks. Your globby glue painting is beautiful. I bet using glue in more compact lines and a couple boxes of Angel Hair Xmas decoration would get you closer to the original ZGallerie piece.

  21. LOVE your art! I didn’t read all the comments..so I hope I’m not repeating what someone else said..but I wonder if you could “paint” the entire canvas with glue..then use a comb or other item to scrape through it to give ridges. Next paint the whole thing white, then go back with shimmery puff paint and do more lines in the cracks. Just an idea… thanks for then inspiration..gonna try it!

  22. Okay I did it! A little differently though, I’ll be linking to your blog sometime tomorrow when I post mine! Thanks for the idea!


  23. I absolutely LOVE this! I think I’ll have to give it a try, thank you!

  24. My son brought home some art from preschool, and it had the sort of texture i THINK you are looking for. I asked his teacher about it and she said it was shaving cream (the foam kind) and elmers glue mixed. I think this might give you what you are looking for, and once it is dry you could paint over it with whatever acrylic you are wanting to do…just a thought!

  25. I love this idea. I saw it yesterday and have started it today. If it’s a success I’ll post the picture.

    I’m a big fan of texture too and from your images it works really well. I may try subtle different colours if the first one goes well.


  26. This is really great. Simple, affordable and creative. The craft paint companies sell a texturizing medium that I’ve used before, it’s less than a dollar I know, but the glue certainly adds more depth.


  27. I did this project and I LOVE it!! FYI, you MUST use the Crayola brand of school glue! I had a hard time finding it and tried Elmers school glue first and it just didn’t work. The Elmer’s went on fine but once it dried, it ran and didn’t have the “puffy” effect. So once I finally found the Crayola brand (at Michael’s), I just reapplied it straight on top of the leftover Elmer’s glue it worked perfectly!! So glad I didn’t give up!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Blessings to you!

  28. I love your sisters video. It is something I can not relate to, but something I’ve always appreciated. Her honesty is so sweet. I’m looking forward to getting her book on Amazon. I love your blog by the way, and I especially love that you posted the napoleon dynamite youtube video. It is awesome. That movie cracked me up, like I didn’t know I would crack up, and it isn’t for everyone. Not everyone gets N.D. humor. But I’m glad to see you like it.

  29. Malini Vaz says

    Nice Idea!!!! Definitely going to try it.

  30. When you are ready to add some color to this, get crayons in the color you like and drip them on top using a hairdryer to melt them. Which makes me wonder what a crayon would do in a hot glue gun… ever tried?

  31. I just found out the answer. It ruins the gun, but makes for great art: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDfIRuSDXyw

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