Once I was meeting with someone for a consultation and they seemed a little bored with their current room. I admired the fact that she didn’t want to make any big changes, her one question–what color can I add into the space I already have just to make it feel more fresh? She already had a few colors going in her space, they looked great together, but I can understand just wanting a little update.

Instead of pulling out the color wheel and picking out the perfect shade of whatever, we considered adding texture to her space.

When a room needs depth and grounding it needs texture. When you are dying for a change, add texture. When you can’t pick between two pillows, pick the one with texture.


master bedroom wall diy






Texture is like roughage for your home. It slows things down and gives your eyes something to grab a hold of.

When my house exhausts me (sometimes it’s true) I rely on texture to fill it up quietly. Texture is the white noise of the home and sometimes I really need some white noise in my life.

There are three simple things almost every home needs more of: plants, lighting and texture.


In decorating, tchotchkes, pops of color, pillows and such are all high notes– treble–a little goes a long way. And the bones, architecture and texture become the Bass, if you will. You will, won’t you?

Let’s bring texture back– because when it comes to home, we’re really all about that bass.


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