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Once I was meeting with someone for a consultation and they seemed a little bored with their current room. I admired the fact that she didn’t want to make any big changes, her one question–what color can I add into the space I already have just to make it feel more fresh? She already had a few colors going in her space, they looked great together, but I can understand just wanting a little update.

Instead of pulling out the color wheel and picking out the perfect shade of whatever, we considered adding texture to her space.

When a room needs depth and grounding it needs texture. When you are dying for a change, add texture. When you can’t pick between two pillows, pick the one with texture.


master bedroom wall diy






Texture is like roughage for your home. It slows things down and gives your eyes something to grab a hold of.

When my house exhausts me (sometimes it’s true) I rely on texture to fill it up quietly. Texture is the white noise of the home and sometimes I really need some white noise in my life.

There are three simple things almost every home needs more of: plants, lighting and texture.


In decorating, tchotchkes, pops of color, pillows and such are all high notes– treble–a little goes a long way. And the bones, architecture and texture become the Bass, if you will. You will, won’t you?

Let’s bring texture back– because when it comes to home, we’re really all about that bass.


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  1. You know you just might be onto something here, Myquillan! (i know, i know most just call you The Nester but your name is so incredible fantastic! i just love the way it rolls off the tongue. its like texture…) I’m starting to itch to change things up but what we need is a little more in the way of plants and texture. better lighting would be great too as there is ZERO overhead lighting in this odd space of a living room. seriously NO OVERHEAD lights at all. We are trying to figure that out but in 5 years we are still scratching our heads. oh well, it is what it is. :-) Have a lovely day! Now I off to find texture to add without spending money. I might just have to pull out the sewing machine and stitch up the gorgeous faux fur I bought a year ago to make blankets. it is so luxurious! have a wonderful day!!

    • Peggy, such great thoughts, that got me thinking….

      1. shop the house for texture, baskets, branches, layers, book page projects (wreaths anyone?) and throws are a great way to texturize without buying new things.

      2. that fur fabric shhh, I’ve used them as throws before without even sewing them!

      3. overhead lighting: the only place I actually use overhead lighting is in the kitchen, everyplace else, I prefer lamps of some sort–HomeGoods and Ikea are my favorite sources for inexpensive lamps!

      I love the way you are thinking!!

  2. Texture and plants have added warmth and life to our pretty neutral space and has made me so content. Love your design philosophy..

  3. Texture! You just made my day, or maybe even my year! We moved to this house a year ago and in my living room, my most favorite in the house, there is this wall that sits behind my brown leather sofa that is 12 feet high and 20 feet wide. And it is so blah! I have fretted way too many days away over this space. This wall and this room. Your book and blog have given me freedom to step out and decorate. I have a glorious entry because of your words. So now, this word texture has given me all new ideas for my living room. I have to go shop my house!! Oh and I must say my favorite words of yours, that truly inspire me on so many levels… “All you have to do is believe it.” Yes? Yes!

  4. LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiration yet again! :)

  5. Great post. Your pictures are wonderful. I need to add more texture to my rooms.

  6. I’m just starting to grab a hold of texture. It’s not that I didn’t like it…I just never considered it. Texture = pleasing to the eye and soul.

  7. Yes! I love this post! I totally agree – I always pick out and notice the texture.

  8. Oh man! This texture is fantastic! I love, love, love neutral palates, so adding texture is definitely my favorite way to spice up a room as well. Really gorgeous work! Also, I’m loving that pom-pom garland.

    Circus & Bloom

  9. I agree – I think that people can get so caught up in thinking about colors, that texture doesn’t even enter the equation, but it’s so important!

  10. Gotta love a gal who can work both digestion and music into a post (totally loved the roughage analogy — made me snort in my tea).

  11. Oh no! Seeing some cracks on the picture of the lovely bust planter/vase. I love that bust! Did it get dropped/repaired?

  12. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    Oh my, some of these shots are my FAVORITES of yours! And texture is definitely my favorite secret weapon to my favorite rooms. I also wanted to say I’m surprised your white sectional hasn’t made its way back inside your house again…. But it does look quite amazing in the barn too :) I love this post girl, your break has been good for you!!?? ~Kim

    • Kim, JUST last week I asked my menfolk to bring in the white sectional, but they begged to keep the leather for awhile longer. Plus, my black cats make me reconsider how often I’ll have to wash the slipcovers, BUT I MISS IT!! But yes, it looks wonderful in the barn. Also, you can read my mind.

  13. I love the idea of adding texture instead of making big changes. I may just have to do this in my home!

  14. I was just introduced to your blog today. I read a lot of blogs but I don’t normally comment {sorry}. But I just wanted to tell you thank you! Sometimes design seems like this elusive thing. You can have a bit of natural talent with it but the tricks that really make your rooms sing are missing. And the professionals don’t tell you. It’s like you don’t belong to their secret society. They show lots of beautiful rooms and talk about their plans for their homes, but no one tells you why they choose certain things or what you should do in your own home. Until I found your blog!! You are letting us in on the secrets. Yay! And you write in such a way that it is so easy to understand. And I immediately think yes of course, I need texture. Thank you for sharing with us. And especially thank you for not truncating your feed!! To me that shows that you care about your readers!!

  15. I love what you wrote here about texture! We moved into a new (well, new to us) house in August and there is so much I want to do to it, but I try to always focus on how far things have come. I used to be tempted to add lots of color right away when I wanted a change, but in this new house I’ve learned that texture is what really warms up a room. I’ve been so encouraged by your book. Any time I get down on the process of making this house a home, I read it again and I remember what’s really important.

  16. hooray for texture.

    but also, I really love your new sidebar! lovely!

  17. Texture! That’s it! That is why the old fish net hung on my living room wall instantly made things better. I thought it was just because it was aged almost perfectly and quirky with personality. The antique red and white bobbers hanging here and there on it aren’t exactly neutral in color, but they do add their own little brand of texture. Yea! for texture!

  18. That’s why I like to add things from nature- they all have neat texture!

  19. Nester, your rooms are all so cool. Looking through all of the pics, I can remember you writing posts on almost everything you’ve made, upcycled or recycled. Love those beads strands; great texture and color, your buddy with the patch on his eye makes me smile everytime I see him. I could go on about every item with its unique textural quality that makes your rooms so interesting. We’d had a jute area rug in our gatheirng room for several years. Last weekend, the hubs came home with a gorgeous olive, cream, berry and mustard latge floral wool rug! I was shocked but when he put that rug down, the first thing I noticed was not the muted colors, but the texture of the wool, so thick and tightly woven, it seemed to shadow and ripple across the floor. I enjoyed the texture and look of the jute rug for years and hadn’t planned on changing it, guess the hubs felt differently, I’m glad he did.

  20. BTW, that throw is another thing on my covet list!!!!

  21. Thank you for the excellent examples of adding texture (fiber!) and interest into spaces. I would like to add more plants, but the natural light on my main floor is poor for plants. I’m not fond of fake. Any ideas or suggestions? I remember seeing your fake succulents and I did like those. Maybe cut budding stems, sticks, branches, grass?

  22. Great Post! I couldn’t agree more;)

  23. Totally agreed! You’re good in choosing texture. Thanks for the inspirations!

  24. Texture! That’s what’s missing! I’ve been redecorating my living room and absolutely love it but I’ve been thinking that it needs to feel more lived in. And texture is the answer! I’m going to have to think about how to add some texture frugally in there :-)

  25. I’m a texture girl, too!! I have an extremely monochromatic home with lots of neutrals and white, white, white … But I’ve always felt that the “lack” of color allowed me to focus on the texture and the lines: the cross-hatched embroidery on the fabric of my all-white sofa. My collection of crewel-work, ruched and pintucked throw pillows. Tree branches thrust in sparkly glass vases. Braided seagrass rugs. I love all these things more than bright walls. So, that’s what I’m focusing on. :)

  26. Texture Texture…fe fi fo fexture …Texture!! Love it!!
    That interior pic of your barn is amazing!
    xo have a blessed day!!

  27. You are GOOD! Snowed in and I got the decorating bug but can’t get out to shop. I shopped my house.Found a leopard fur throw and put ot in my music room. Wow, that texture worked! Thanks for this decorating blog.

  28. Speaking of texture…here’s something I recently discovered. Using old fur coats as throws and pillows. You can cut them in the shape of an animal hide and they look awesome. And it’s a great way to upcycle. My sister bought two at an estate sale for $5 each!

  29. Man, Nester, you are right on with your texture advice. Your pics are beautiful and inspiring, keep up the good work! xoxo

  30. I love the Idea of putting texture into a room to give it more character. I am usually so minimal in my decorating that I forget about these elements of rough and hard. I will have to keep this in mind with my next selection of rugs, I just need to be cautions about choice so they don’t make messes later. Thanks later.

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