Last fall our 30 inch round coffee table kept getting in the way as it stood guard in front of our small sectional sofa.

I tried something and moved in three separate small table/stool things that I had in various parts of the house.

So far the small tables have worked out great. They hold feet and drinks and cats and somehow we’ve even managed to play cards on them.

I’ve noticed that the little tables are always in different positions around the sofa. Sometimes one is at the side of the sofa, sometimes they are lined up straight, sometimes they’re all spread out–which is proof that they are working hard for our family–exactly why we have furniture, right?!

The moment I get annoyed and miss a large surface coffee table, I’ll allow myself to replace the $15 Salvation Army find I’ve had for years that has finally given up. But until then, I really like this solution and it helps our small family room to feel more open and useable.

{PS, I was standing on the front porch and took these photos through the open window of our tiny family room}


Is there something in your home that isn’t working for you? Shop the house and try something in an unexpected place and see if it serves you better, your furniture wants to be used in all sorts of unexpected ways.

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