Inexpensive Pillow Covers

throw pillow cover

Just passing along a great deal.  I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and happened by a glorious wall of pillow covers. They were priced $4.99-7.99 and they had a TON!  I bought four.  Don’t forget to download their app so you can use a 40% off coupon!  The sequins one up there was a 16 x 16 and my feather inserts (read about the great feather insert debate here) are a little big for that but I made it work for now.  I’m on the lookout for a little smaller insert so this pillow can have some breathing room, poor thing it looks like it just got out of surgery where it opted for a cup size too large.  I feel like I should ice the pillow or something….

pillow covers for sale

For your viewing pleasure I took this photo of the wall of pillow covers. Be sure to follow me on instagram for more life changing photos like this.  Online I only see 16 x 16 but I bought 3 18 x 18s in the store.

decorative throw pillow cover

They even had a pretend leather pillow cover. Not amazing, but it could have been much worse.

pillow cover

decorative throw pillow cover

What about you?  Do you have a fun source for pillow covers?

PS, if you got a spam warning when you came here, would you take a second and in the comments let me know what browser you are on (ex: firefox, safari…) and or how you got here to Nesting Place (ex: google, link from such and such blog…)  A few of you are getting a warning but we can’t find the source. So sorry!

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  1. yep! i got a warning from “microsoft security sum-uhm sum-uhm.” i don’t even use that anti-virus, so i knew it was fishy. i’m at work (shh!), but i did let IT know and he told me what to do. how i got here? i just type “the” in my address box, and it has your site memorized. go figure….

  2. I’m using Internet Explorer and got a security warning that I had Trojan Horse or something like that from Microsoft Security. I came from my blogger reader.

    • Thanks Catherine!

      Keep the info coming, I’ve never seen it on either one of my browsers, so annoying.

      So sorry for the trouble everyone!

  3. Yep! I too got a warning! I use Windows 8 and Safari. Hope this helps!

  4. So funny! I bought one for my daughter for Christmas! She loves it! I couldn’t believe the price!

  5. I didn’t get the spam notice today but I did yesterday. I use explorer and I have your blog listed on my blog as one I follow so I click in thru there.

  6. Erin Scott says:

    I got the warning and mine also looked like it was from Microsoft with suggestions of things I should remove and cleaning my computer. I use Internet Explorer and Vista?? I think?
    Also, I posted a note on my Instagram re: your lovely striped curtains…and now MY lovely striped curtains. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  7. I got it a few days ago at work when I was using an older version of IE — IE7 I think. I have McAfee at work and Norton antivirus at home if that helps. I don’t get it at home.

  8. Lora Lindberg says:

    I have your blog in my favorites on Explorer.
    Also have Norton on my computer and that’s what pops up and says it’s blocking an attack when I open your blog. thanks!

  9. Silver?

    A good tip is to use a pillow insert larger than your cover. But not too much larger. Like a 20 inch insert in an 18 inch cover. It’s engraved on my brain now (thanks to Emily Clark!) not to use pillows that are too small! LOL

    Etsy and making my own pillow covers are my usual sources. I like unique and I looooove fabric!


  10. I use internet explorer and have gotten the security warning several times over the past month.

  11. Christina says:

    Hi! Love your blog! :) I have been getting security warnings not everytime, but frequently in the last month or so. I use Internet Explorer. Hope that helps!

  12. I got the warning today and yesterday. I use Internet Explorer and usually just click over from Google Reader to leave a comment. Hope you’re able to get things fixed!
    As far as pillow covers- that is a great deal! I usually just make my own, so I can get exactly what I want. I’m working on a few new pillow covers to add to my Etsy shop this week because for some reason January feels like a real pillow month to me.

  13. No warnings here! But my husband has all of our computers on super anti-virus lock down!

    Thanks for the pillow deal info.! You could hang the sequin one from the ceiling and call it a disco ball ♥

  14. Jennifer B. says:

    I have also been getting the security warnings infrequently over the last month or so. I am using internet explorer on an hp probook with Windows 7 and I follow you on bloglovin’. Love your blog! I read every post!

  15. I recently discovered the amazing wall o’pillow covers as well. It’s fantastic for my pillow changing addiction. I bought the blueish grayish chevron ones. They do seem to be a little snug, even though they’re 18 x 18, but they worked out and I’m in love.

    No warnings for me – I’m on a Mac and came through my Google reader.

  16. Nice tip! I just bought one at BB&B for around $10 (with coupon), and it is a bit big for the pillow I was covering. I don’t have inserts….was just trying to reuse what I had and not have to store the old pillows that don’t coordinate anymore. (I was just at HL this weekend, too! Argh!)

  17. I use Goggle Chrome as my browser and didn’t get a warning, got here by having your blog on my blog list and have windows 8!
    I have that pillow but not from hb, it was included in a duvet cover set!

  18. Thanks for the pillow cover tip! I’ve been looking for new couch pillows for a while. Now I can’t wait to head over to Hobby Lobby!

  19. Hmmm. I have IE and Window 8, but I DIDNT’T get the message. I got here using the GoogleReader “next” button. :)

  20. Where did you get your feather pillow from in the first image? Love that! xo Kristin

  21. I usually get my pillow covers from Etsy and Home Goods.

    I am on ancient IE thanks to my super awesome work {guess I should be happy we have computers though, right} and I visit your blog through my bookmarks. NO message for me at all yesterday or today.

  22. yep, i’ve been having problems with your site for maybe 2-3 weeks now? at least 50% of the time i click on your link in my favorites (thru internet explorer) it takes me to your site, then immediately switches to another page and my antivirus pops up with warnings. i wasn’t sure if it was my computer or something with your page… but it hasn’t stopped me from stopping by! ;)

  23. I clicked through from Pinterest yesterday and got a warning. I use Internet Explorer. AVG (our internet security) shut down the whole browser when I tried to click through to read one of your posts.

    Love the pillow covers. :o)

  24. Hi! I also received the “virus” warning. I Ctrl+Alt+deleted and closed all programs, then ran my anti-virus software.

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. I follow your blog using my BLOGGER account and clicked the feed link there to access your page. I use Internet Explorer.

    Gesh…that’s scary! I hope you find the source!

  25. Got here from Google Reader and got no warning. I use Google Chrome with Windows 7 OS.

  26. I got it too, and I’m using internet explorer, typing in address.

  27. One more thing…I haven’t been able to get on thriftydecorchick’s site for a month because the address changes itself on the address line and my computer has to quarantine the site. Maybe you could pass that along to her.

  28. No warning on Firefox. I need to look for pillow covers at Hobby Lobby! On a recent trip (with hubby) I said we needed some new pillows for the living room (silent eye roll). I think he would be more amenable to switching out pillow covers :)

  29. I read you through Google Reader. Every. Single. Post. : ) I access internet through Safari.

  30. Internet Exporer/ then Google and also having trouble with crazy language babble coming up . . . .it flashes for a few seconds, screams VIRUS, does not allow me to access your page unless I quickly click your title for the day, and then shuts my whole computer down! Bizarre! But I’m still here and just getting mighty quick with the use of my clicking abilites! :)

  31. I have gotten the same virus message a few times and I use Internet Explorer. I got on by typing your address in.

  32. I was just at Hobby Lobby looking or pillows. I only saw a few, and didn’t purchase, but I didn’t think to look for cases. What section are they in?

    Yes, I did get the notice. I got to you through blogs I follow on

  33. Oh, and I use Internet Explorer 8.

  34. I’d forgotten I got a warning a few weeks ago. Since I had no way to know if there were problems with your site, I didn’t try a go-around. I actually forgot about it, but I never saw it again. I normally use Chrome, sometimes Safari, but I know I was on Chrome that day.

    FYI – the app is cool, but it isn’t required in order to use the coupon — you can pull it up in your browser, but the app is easier.

  35. Carol Hake says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I’m in the San Diego (California) area but was able to score some awesome pillow covers by shopping online. AND, I was able to use the coupon! Score!

  36. Yes, got the warning. Used Internet Explorer…you are on my favorites bar and it has never happened before.

  37. that disco ball needs to find a spot right near the pillow!

  38. typed “the nester” in google and then clicked and the spam thing came up. . saying I had viruses. . was supposedly from Microsoft. Browser. . IE

  39. Anonymous says:

    I agree they are a great look for a little price – but the “mule-ear” aspect bothers me. This is when the pillows don’t have a straight 90 degree corner, but go out in little peaks at the corners…you will never see mule ears on a quality piece. Ever since my upholsterer instructed me on this, they just jump out at me!

    Have never been warned away from you or had you entered as Spam; we use Google Chrome.

    • They are actually 90 degrees, they just look like that because I stuffed it with an entirely too big insert. Still, they are NOT quality at $7 even without ‘mule ears’ (so funny!)

  40. I received the *warning* sign and use IE.

  41. My computer runs Windows 7 Professional. Over the last couple of weeks, my antivirus has blocked Nesting Place from loading probably 6ish times…I don’t remember the exact wording of the message, but basically a window pops up and says a threat was blocked, and the address in the address bar changes from to some crazy spam website with lots of letters and numbers. I always close the window and try again and it’s fine.

  42. Have gotten a “this site contains malware” warning several times in the last month or so. I access your blog through my favorites bar and we use Google Chrome. Love your blog and read every post!

  43. Awesome! I have a white couch that was given to us that desperately needs some color. Thanks for the tip!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I use internet explorer and get the warning too

  45. I read you on Google Reader through iGoogle, then click over to comment. I am running FireFox. But those pillow covers… that is an AMAZING deal! Off to Hobby Lobby!!

  46. Thank you SO much for sharing your pillow cover source! We unfortunately do not have a Hobby Lobby nearby (although one is slated to open aout 50 or so miles away soon) but with the 40% discount code it almost paid entirely for the shipping. I just ordered one with some Christmas money that was burning a hole in my pocket : ) Thanks again!

  47. Internet explorer–I didn’t get the warning this time, but I have a few times now over the last week.

  48. laughing at the comment up there about mule eared pillows! never heard them called that, but great description. got a few around my house too. quality pillows are awesome.. but not when they’re like a gazillion dollars a piece. okay, more like 25 -40, but still. might as well be a gazillion when you’re a pillow collector like me. so, cheap and mule eared it is round here!!! :)))

    a fun source for covers is taking two dinner napkins and sewing them together. easy-peasy!

    no warning here. used to get them more when we had explorer though. now on firefox.

  49. Where do you get the pillow inserts?

  50. I spent a ton of time at Hobby Lobby today (trying to support since I forgot to go on 1/5) but somehow missed the wall o pillow covers or else mine doesn’t have it. But I probably just missed it.

    Thanks to being prego though and a large vanilla coke from sonic to accompany me in the store and a water with my Chickfila spicy chicken biscuit before the stop at Hobby Lobby, I did manage to find my way to their restroom THREE times! By the third time I took a different route because I was embarrassed. :)


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