bonus room makeover

You know me.  No staging. No fluffing to make it look better. Yesterday I told you why we moved the leather sofa upstairs.  Here’s what this room looks like right now. Clearly I have no shame.  Actually, it’s been much worse.  And yes, that super photogenic yet horrible for actual lighting, light fixture is from, wait for it…Joss & Main.  Apparently I’m a hermit who never leaves the house to shop.


This room is so tricky because it only has one tiny full wall that isn’t a knee wall. It’s behind the left wing of the leather sofa. We have three bookshelves but they are all really tall so none of them work in here which is kind of a pain.  And behind each sofa is about a 4 foot wide space to the wall.  Just big enough to not do anything fun with.


Right now the room is housing some extra chairs that I couldn’t bear to sell at the last Big Sale. I’m pretty sure I’m ready to part with them. Sometimes you have to suffer the consequences of keeping something you don’t use in order to be ready to part with it.  Right now we have two sofas, the leather sectional and the old denim sleeper, random lamps, Ikea drapes thrown up on the top of the blinds “just to see” an old World Market coffee table from 8 years ago that I painted with chalk paint.  And the TV stand is from Joss & Main. The rug is a Shaw from Lowes, the one I’ve had for nearly 10 years.  It was just under $800? and it’s been worth every penny.

This room is really hard for me to get excited about.  All those angles drive me crazy but it does need fresh paint.  So I really don’t know what my plans are yet for this room. Paint, a curtain rod, matching lamps and something simple and quirky on the wall and I think we are good.

Some of you have asked about the sofa.  It’s holding up great.  Surprisingly great.  My only complaint, the cushions aren’t as deep (like the seat part) as our old sofa and clearly I am spoiled so I can’t  snuggle on it the same as I like to on the other sofa. And, the arms.  The arms apparantly weren’t wrapped in much batting or magical soft sofa stuff because normally I like to lay my head on a bare sofa arm and this one hurts.  It feels like wood.  But we are hard on furniture, and we’ve yet to even have a button pop off.  And I was sure that was gonna happen the first week.  Also, the leather is so soft that I constantly find myself petting it.

The real test of a sofa is 3 years in.  So I’m happy to keep you posted!