De-Seriousfy-ing My Home

The older I get, the more I crave a little whimsy in my life.  You know I love a pretty house.  But over time, as I’ve really thought about the purpose of our home :: I want to enjoy it, have it reflect our family’s personality and be a place of connection.   I’ve realized there are a few things that make me and others at ease.

Those two things are imperfection and whimsy.

My husband rented a disco ball for a New Year’s Eve thing last month and I saw it in the car and naturally brought it in for a photo shoot, suddenly purchasing a disco ball is at the top  of my list.  Nothing says “Don’t take me too seriously” like having a disco ball in one’s home. I’m on the prowl for one.  Anyone know of a good disco ball store? Disco Balls R Us?

lettered cottage

The second project on my mind right now is painting a cuckoo clock.  I love the mix of traditional meets whimsical.  I don’t have the clock yet but I’ve been researching and I think it would be a fun addition to our home.  I need to stop by Cuckoo Clocks R Us as well.

country living

I’ve found that some cuckoo clocks let you have a choice of if you want to turn the cuckoo off.  I’m guessing that’s probably a good idea.  I don’t to have to get up in the middle of the night with an axe and chop my clock into tiny pieces.

What’s the most whimsical, light-hearted, quirky thing in your home?

Have you ever purposely purchased something because of its quirkyness?

Am I weird?

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  1. I have a statue of Moses holding the tablets, he’s about 20 inches high and looks very stately and serious. I keep it because it was in my parent’s house and I can’t bear to part with him. Plus…it’s Moses, come on! He fits perfectly in this nook in our house (the purpose of said nook? a mystery)

  2. Years ago I found a black cement pig in an antique store. I really wanted him in my house, but decided i should pass him up. I SOOO regret that and think about him often and always look for him. And you think you are weird? Lol

  3. I have a stinky bag of my son’s hockey gear in the middle of the living room floor right now ‘airing’ out! Does that count? Ha! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  4. They sell disco balls at Target in the lamp section. I bought a couple for Christmas gifts….and might just have one hanging in our playroom :-).

  5. I have a junkyard dog on my front porch. Literally, a dog sculpture made out of scrap metal pieces. He’s wearing a cowboy hat and strumming a guitar and I <3 him! Makes me smile every time I walk in or out my front door!

  6. Love cuckoo clocks, it didn’t take too long and then I hardly heard the cucks!
    My ‘whimsical, light-hearted, quirky’ things are a ‘storyteller grannie I bought in New Mexico and my collection of Tom Clarke figurines. you can see them here.

  7. Lauren L. says:

    I bought an orange ceramic snail a few weeks ago. He’s supposed to remind me to slooooowww doowwwnnn. Plus he’s orange. And a snail.

  8. I have always wanted a painting or poster kinda like this on a kitchen wall:

    As for clocks, my aunt had a cuckoo clock when I was growing up and I was fascinated by it. We have an antique mantel clock. It drove me nuts when it would chime on the hour and half hour (it would wake me up)., so we don’t wind it.

  9. Yes you are weird. That’s what we LOVE!

    I recently bought (for four dollars) a wooden wall plaque that has giant acorns on it. It says, “Welcome to the nut house” I had it on the front door for awhile. I’ve moved it to the garage now but everytime I walk by it I SMILE.

  10. Spencer’s, that horrid store in the mall, sells relatively easy and cheap disco balls. I know, I had one fora while. A cuckoo clock is on my to-do list as well.

  11. This post made me smile. About 90% of my house is vintage/upcycled/recycled whimsy. It makes me so happy! I actually might have a problem in turning the whimsy OFF. I love my vintage suitcase mounted on the wall (with a red vintage telephone mounted inside for my boys to make pretend calls on). I love my wall full of letters spelling out our 20 letter last name (my favorite is the G made out of colorful spools of vintage thread). And don’t even get me started on my license plate art. ;) I think my next bit o’whimsy will be hanging two vintage accordion shaving mirrors by the front door: one for the taller people in my house, and one for the shorter ones. :)

  12. You are not at all weird, I feel the same way. I think the quirkiest thing I’ve got at home is a little muscle man toy, on display, under a glass glass cloche. It’s pretty non serious :) and it makes me smile. Our homes should be fun, and I’ve been loving the cuckoo clocks I’ve been seeing on Pinterest-they do look very fun, as long as they don’t go cuckoo all day long :)

  13. Love this post! I’m a total whimsy junkie. :D I have birdies all over my house… each whimsical in its own way. I have a wee s&p set my mom gave me – they’re little birds painted brightly with long eyelashes.

  14. I have this great door stopper that I do not use as a door stopper. It is a stack of farm animals…cow, sheep, pig, goose, rooster…and I love it! My sweet mama had it and didn’t really want it. I did! It is up on my bookshelf, near my mini birdcages, and fave photos. Love!

    • I have that same door stopper! It came from my mother-in-law’s house after she passed away. I do use it as door stopper in my kitchen, but now I think it should go on a shelf It has special meaning because the first time I heard my granddaughter put more than two words together she was describing it. “The sheep is on top on the cow. The pig is on top on the sheep. . . “.

  15. I sooooo love whimsy – what would life be without it? I think it’s a gift from God and part of the creative nature of His image that we bear! I couldn’t begin to tell you all the whimsy in my house – some sentimental and some just plain fun – which is what you are, BTW! You are just plain fun!! Not to mention soooo creative and talented. Thanks for so much inspiration! I so enjoy your blog!!

  16. Metal dollhouses like I played with for HOURS when I was little!! love them!!

  17. This is so NOT WEIRD. I am the same way. I like to inject a little “quirk” into my decor. I’m new at blogging, but I’m hoping that the pictures I take will show that me and my family have a fair amount of quirk to us. You will find all kinds of stuff in our house that reflects whimsy. Disco balls as pull chains for ceiling fans, funny vintage signs, etc. I try not to go overboard, and it’s hard, but so far, so good. At least I don’t have the lava lamps out anymore…

    We are a fun and quirky family but we’re also cool people and I like for my house to say that.

  18. My house is full with whimsical stuff (and I have a 1930s cuckoo clock -Im from the Black Forest, so duh, of course I brought it with me to Texas!! Everyone should have one, lol, and you’ll love the cuckoo, don’t turn it off).
    The weirdest thing I have is a Jesus statue about 4 feet tall. I grouped him with some other statues from Kongo, together they’re so much fun. They’re all the same hight and they’re all from Africa, so I thought they’d make a good match :-)

  19. I love touches of whimsy. I actually have a disco ball hanging in my dining room. I found it at Urban Outfitters in NYC years ago and brought it home on the airplane with me. I love it…it makes me smile!

  20. I too like a little whimsy in my home. I used to have a lion head fountain in my kitchen.

  21. I have an ant that is made from 3 stones, held together with black wire, sitting in my living room. About a year ago, when visiting my home town, I bought turtle made of a large stone for the body and the rest made out of junk metal. It sits by my front door. Next I want a vulture made from junk metal.

  22. you all are my people–you are just like me!!

  23. Does a cowbell count? It was my Mother’s Day present last year (at my request) because we were in Bavaria and I loved hearing the tinkling of bells on the cows in the field at the base of the mountains- we had to drive by them to get to town. My kids make me quirky stuff all the time, too… :)

  24. Heather L says:

    I was at the World’s Longest Yard Sale about 5 years ago – it passed right through my town – and I saw a pair of black ceramic busts of small children. They were adorable, but before I could grab them, a lady walking around with a camera crew following her swooped in and snagged them. She said “I’m filming for the Rachael Ray show” and the booth owner gave them to her for 75% off!! I’ve been obsessed with busts ever since, but I don’t want a boring white marble one. I would probably spraypaint one black or turquoise if I got one.

  25. The built-in shelves in my den have one shelf with a clock, some books and a beautifully finished cloche. In front of all of that I have an “un-nested” set of bright red little matroyshka dolls. My husband thinks they look silly, they are SUPPOSED to.

  26. Great, now i want a chandelier, AND a disco ball AND a cuckoo clock. sigh.

  27. I have a bowl of rocks–ordinary rocks–in a beautiful crystal bowl. When my son was in preschool, he brought me a rock home almost every day, because in his little mind, they were cool and special. I saved every one of them. Rocks in a bowl…usually sparks a conversation if anyone notices and asks about them.

  28. I am from clock-loving people. The sound of clocks is soothing to me. When I went to college I had to get used to NOT hearing a grandfather clock chime or tick. My grandparents had a cuckoo clock when I was growing up. I love them. Give the cuckoo a chance! And yes some have a “night” setting where they chime in the day but not at night. A cuckoo clock that doesn’t cuckoo is sad to me! I have been wanting one for over 10 years but some of them are quite expensive.

  29. I bought a disco ball about the same size as the one in your pic on Ebay. I have it in my youngest son’s room on a shelf. His room is my favorite in the house, it’s grey with pops of teal and orange. the disco ball is next to some dick and jane fabric I framed… random but it works :)

  30. We have a big antique bingo cage that caught my attention a few years ago in an antique store. I couldn’t think of a single thing it would be good for, but I HAD to have it. After awhile, we found antique multi-colored wooden bingo balls on Etsy that would go with our colorful family room. I’m glad I got it. It’s a big hit with every kid that comes through the house. And it’s just fun and different.

  31. I have a 10″ high figure of Jesus covered in silver glitter, he is known in our house as ‘Sparkly Jesus’ and sits on my oak dresser in the kitchen. We all love him. (We’re Anglicans in the UK, so icons are very much NOT us, but can’t resist the best of Christianity and kitsch combined.)

  32. I TOTALLY bet you could DIY a disco ball. Beach ball & tiny mirror squares, mayhaps?

  33. I just recently purchased a resin cast deer head. I absolutely love the thing! AND I have a coo coo clock, it’s all original wood from the 30’s.

  34. My dad brought home a coo coo clock from Germany, when he was in the Army. I remember as a child just wating for that little bird to coo coo. I was exciting!! Don’t know what ever happened to it though.

    Oh absolutely shop Etsy for your disco ball!! I just bought a light up globe, it’s the bomb!


  35. I have a giant clothes pin on my end table. Does that count?! :). Everyone who comes over can’t resist picking it up to play with it. :)

  36. The disco ball seems like a diy up your alley – we have one and I noticed that all it is, is a large styrofoam ball with little square mirrors glued on. I’ve thought about making some smaller balls to go with it but haven’t attempted it. We put ours up for every party but it doesn’t stay out b/c it’s enormous (and the real deal – it spins!). It’s a fun touch that everyone loves. We also have a cuckoo clock but it’s a kiddie version. It has a light sensor on it so it doesn’t go off at night or during naps (as long as the shades are drawn). Our most whimsical decor is sticky backed party mustaches added to framed family pictures. They move around often. I love to hear guests chuckling as they walk down the hallway. Happy whimsical decorating!

  37. On the island in the kitchen I have a tallish glass bowl with silver metal items including a frog, a pig and a Ferrari hood ornament. And there is always room for one more.

  38. penelopelephew says:

    I’m thinking now that I’m too serious. The only whimsical thing I could think of was my velvet pumpkins that are still out b/c they are too cute for storage. I used to have fun things…hmmm…I like the orange snail idea…

  39. You know how decorators sometimes say that you should have a touch of black in every room (or do they still say that? Maybe that’s just one of the things they used to say.)? Seems to me that the same rule should apply to something whimsical. Just a touch of whimsy everywhere. Don’t you think that would make the world a better place?

    I’ve hardly been online for the past couple of weeks so tonight I’m catching up on a few blogs. Honestly, I’m always so glad I came here. You always, always, always make me feel at home. And now that you’ve inspired me, I think I should write a post with pictures of my new ottoman, selected with care because it’s made from a cow with red hair. Or hide, or fur, or whatever it is that cows have. Anyway, it’s whimsical; wanna come here and put your feet up on it? We could make a craft. :)

  40. the misfit says:

    I agree – sometimes inside my staid, super-logical framework of how the house should look (painted the living room gray from an ugly green and my DH was sad ’cause it’s his favorite color, so must find green wallpaper for second bedroom and then color-match the walls. All colors must go with color of adjacent room. No non-functional furniture…) is interrupted by my passionate desire to own something WEIRD. My version of your sailfish is a moose head. I don’t have one yet, and they’re really expensive, but I want a real stuffed moose head, and I want to hang it in the powder room, where it will scare the daylights out of visitors because THAT’S JUST HOW IT OUGHT TO BE. Also, I adore Thomas Paul’s hostile octopus print and it is way out of my price range (the shower curtain is $200!), but I found out they make pillows in it too and someday I might just have to have one. Not for any good reason other than that I find it so irresistibly charming. Sadly, my DH does not share my appreciation of whimsy, but I have figured out how to incorporate his collection of African warrior masks, so he can deal.

  41. I have a serious thing for gnomes. There is just something that I absolutely love about them. And globes. I have never been one to have the pristinely decorated home, I have always wanted it to be a little funky :)

  42. I have a giraffe who I’ve named Timothy next to a ladder bookshelf. Yes, a giraffe and it’s taller than I am {5’5″}. I say go for the whimsy. Life is too short not to have pieces and moments of fun in it.

  43. Becky Breyer says:

    Anything in your home that makes you smile is well worth having there! I have a collection of vintage Breyer horse models on display in the bedroom that I use as an office. The room has a shelf that runs along one of the long walls, turns the corner, then continues most of the way along that wall. It’s about 11″ down from the ceiling and is painted the same color as the wall, so it has a floating effect. The horses – and there are close to 20 of them – look like a wild herd on the move. What adult in their right mind would have these as part of the decor? But I collected them as a child, they evoke fond memories, and most importantly – they make me smile whenever I walk into this room. Plus, they take a whole lot less time and money than the real thing ever did!

  44. I have a coffee table that I wrote “relax” across the top in thumbtacks. Takes the word “tacky” to a whole new level!

  45. Okay, Nester, I just checked…there are bunches of disco balls on eBay. Why am I suddenly envisioning John Travolta in a white pants suit with big hair? :) I’m all about the whimsy factor…got have a touch of it in each room. You can see my latest whimsy purchase here:

  46. My whole house is turning into one big un-serious place to be, and it’s pretty awesome. I have a cukoo clock on the top of my list, too. I also want an old plinko game to hang on the wall.

  47. I’m new to the blogging world. I came across your beautiful blog today after writing a post about my love-hate relationship with cuckoo clocks. I wanted to see if anybody else out there was silly or like you call it un-serious. I love whimsy and sometimes kitschy things. My next thing will be a white knome.
    (Love your blog!)

  48. We have little bits of whimsy… A map of Australia (we live in Australia) framed on our wall – it’s just one that came free with the newspaper once. A few giant scrabble tiles on the wall. A collage photo frame with silly photos of each of us. A “gallery wall” of the kids’ art. Framed pages from one of DH’s favourite books (the book fell apart). Framed maps of Middle Earth from an old LOTR book.

    I have a glass plate with cover that’s supposed to be for keeping cakes on. I want to put something a bit crazy in there but i haven’t worked out what yet.

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