Wouldn’t it be fun if we could go shopping together?

We kind of can.

Next week, the discounted flash sale site Joss & Main is having a sale of beautiful items all hand-picked by me, The Nester.  I was totally in shock kind of surprised  when they asked me to curate one of their sales, I mean, I’m a card-carrying imperfectionist.  But, I’m happy to report they didn’t force me to pick a lot of mass-produced wall art {although I did find a few sets of botanical prints that I would love to have in my own home}.  Actually, the folks at Joss & Main were fun to work with, had a plethora of beautiful items to choose from and encouraged me to curate items that go with the style here at my nest.  They were pretty much fabulous.

It was a fun process to choose items from their massive online catalog.  It actually helped me more define what I liked and everything included in this sale is either something that I already have or something I’d like to have.  I love the idea of this sale partly because I get so many questions about many of the things in my house and this is a great way for you to get the look if you need a little help.  It’s a little quirky, a little cottage and a lot beautiful.  And I’d like two of everything, please.

I’d love for you to join me next Tuesday whether you will simply be window shopping or maybe you are looking for something with a little personality to fit into your beautifully imperfect home.  No matter, I have a special invitation link so that you can bypass the waiting list to join Joss & Main.  You sign up with your email and of course, you can cancel and be removed at any time.  You’ll find useful items starting at $12 and  I’d love for you to join us next week.

Question:: What’s the largest item you’ve ever purchased online?

I’ll go first 1. Tires {my husband orders them online and they get delivered to our porch 2. Rugs–I have SIX rugs that I’ve ordered online and I will be the first to tell you that every single one of them has worked out great, no one’s more surprised than me.