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pom poms, just because they make me happy

Last week’s craft day involved yarn, fruit and six of us crafters {somehow Greta and I didn’t make it into the pictures–we were too busy moving around and chatting but we were there, promise}.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we rely heavily on Pinterest for craft day.  The three of us in charge, Reeve, Angela and I, all have access to the Crafty Day pin board and any time we see an idea that could possibly be a fit we pin it.  It’s a way to brainstorm without having to email each other a hundred times a month.  I highly recommend starting a group pinboard for any type of project that you are working on that remotely involves anything visual.

I even made the food based on something I saw on Pinterest

So we made pom poms, something mindless and simple, beautiful and relatively useless, which to me is part of the allure of poms squared.

We also colored what I like to call “adult coloring sheets”, Angela was sure we were going to be coloring something scandalous, she was very relieved to find out it was simply intricate designs that mere children would find boring.

Here are a few resources we found helpful::

How to make pom poms using just your hands

Use a fork to make a pom pom {the more yarn we used, the more apt they were to fall apart beware}

Using pom pom makers {my favorite way} they have pom pom makers at Michael’s, probably Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. Don’t forget, if you shop at Michael’s use their iPhone app to use their weekly coupon, you can also bring up the Hobby Lobby coupon in your iPhone browser for Hobby Lobby and they’ll accept that if you don’t have one printed out.

If you are one of those people who must have a purpose for everything in life, there are some fun ideas we found and pinned to the Crafty Day board like making a pom pom rug, pom pom wreath, you can glue one to a gift as a bow, sew one to the top of your boring hat,  or do what we did and just hot glue them to sticks.

The point of craft day for me isn’t as much about creating a masterpiece or learning a new skill, it’s a natural way to get to know women who I’ve wanted to get to know better for years. So I trick them into coming by telling them we’ll do a craft and eat something when really, I just want to be friends with them. So far my plan is working brilliantly and they are all clueless that craft day is really an automatic bench {insert evil laugh and rubbing together of hot glue burned hands}.


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  1. right now i’m stuck in the “excuse” stage for not getting out and organizing this with a friend. something about not having any kiddies like the rest of them makes me feel incredibly unqualified, useless, the odd one of the group… what possibly could i add to this group?!

    i know, it’s so wrong!!!!!

    but those are my thoughts :}

    • Gussy Girl!

      Not having kids in this scenario is your superpower of awesomeness – you can organize and set up the event for all those exhausted mamas and give them a haven from the storm. They will LOVE you for ever for helping them figure out a mom moment in their day. Seriously, do it – plan it – they will eat it up and love you forever!

    • Gus, I love your comment. Because to those of us who know you, we see you as the QUEEN of handmade, creative, craftiness even. So while you are having those real thoughts–even though they are false, someone else is probably thinking how they would be intimidated to be in a group with you because of your awesome skillz–a very real thought that is also false because you are so not intimidation material. It’s actually encouraging to hear that we all think thoughts like that. Thank you for your honesty friend.

      PS,I hope you decide it’s worth the risk.

    • This hit a chord with me as well! I often feel the same way…kidless…but also that what I have to offer is not enough when in actuality not many of my friends are very crafty. It is this constant battle of feeling intimidated by welcoming other people into your creative life but at the same time not coming off as intimidating to them as well.

      Being at the age where our peers are young moms is hard…I too often feel alone and that my time spent is different. And to think I used to feel left out because I was the only one not married…now that I am married, they all have kids!! Hopefully one of these days things will catch up!

  2. Your pom poms are so cute. Of course I’ll be here tomorrow to shop : )

  3. This is very encouraging…I too struggle with making time for friends but find I am the most comfortable when bonding is over a shared project or activity. I have wanted to host a craft group for a long time and this might just be the motivation I need to get one going.

    Question: do you buy all the supplies or do you ask your guests to chip in $ to cover everything?

    xo Ashley

    • We ask that everyone chips in $5 if they are able some projects cost a little more, some a little less but it all seems to even out.

      • Should I be getting your response by email when someone replies to a comment? I thought if you replied, I would get it by email as well. So since I saw nothing, I checked back and here it is?!! I would love to know if I need to come back to check for replies! Thanks Nester!

  4. Yay for Craft day!! It was my fav day in January. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for hosting…even if you do have ulterior motives;)

  5. I can’t help but think of the skating rink and my white roller skate with homemade pom-poms in the 70’s.! Start playing Billy Swan’s “I Can Help” and I’m set

  6. OMG! I have this lovely branch that has been sitting in my craft room waiting for some
    inspiration. The Poms attached to the sweet branch – will be the perfect thing to brighten up a cold February Room here on Lake Erie. Wahoo!

  7. I did a craft night with a dinner club last week. We meet monthly and usually just hang out, eat and chat… which is so fun just by itself, but wanted to do something crafty just to mix it up. We made pennant banners and it was so fun to work on something together and see each other’s creative side. It made me want to do it more often :) I like this idea too, just inviting people you want to know better.

  8. My 9 year old daughter received a pompom maker for Christmas and she loves it! I love her pompoms everywhere. I like the ideas you posted!

  9. FYI: Your “adult coloring sheets” are not boring for kids! In the art world they are usually patterns that are circles. (Yours looks like it was a slice of a pie). They are called mandalas. They are actually quite calming for kids to color. (Mandalas are frequently used by people who mediate. They are said to represent “a symbol of the wholeness of the self.”) Last December I used mandalas in a Sunday school class with kids using high quality colored pencils to color a mandala as they pondered Mary’s story of Jesus’ birth. It worked out great. (I’m getting off my soap box now.)

  10. Okay, I definitely needed to read this post. I want so badly to have friends who will craft with me. It’s so fun to be creative and silly and just enjoy time together. A few years ago my friends and I would sew together but now they all have toddlers and won’t sew and they don’t craft. My kids are so much older than all of my friends so I often feel the ‘odd one out’. Teenagers and toddlers don’t mix. One of the reasons I started my blog is to try to connect with other ‘crafties’ and hopefully find others like me. BTW, I love the pom poms! I didn’t even know they had pom pom makers!

  11. Ooh, these links are really helpful, thank you!

  12. These look so fun!

  13. The pom poms turned out so cute!

    This makes me want to start organizing a craft day on a regular basis with my friends :)

  14. I love craft day! The crafts you’ve planned have been simple yet oh so fun, and what a great way to spend time with other ladies! Thanks for the inspiration! (Love your new profile pic too BTW.)

  15. This looks like so much fun! Love the pom poms, will you make me that pom pom rug, the one in that Pinterest picture?

  16. What an evil plan…I mean GREAT WAY to hang out with friends and get to know them better…it is hard when you have a million children, but this would be a fun thing to organize so I could get some “adult” time with friends, and I like your idea of making a Pinterest board for the group…hmmmm…

  17. Love this idea. Oh and I mentioned you today.

    Cause you inspire!!!

  18. Gussy,
    i totally understand how you feel but from the other end of the spectrum. i got invited to craft day and i’m so much older than all of the fabulous girls in the group. i almost didnt’ go because i felt like the grandma of the group, what with having kids in college and all, but because of Nester’s blog about the ‘bench.’ i decided to take the chance and get over myself.
    i was also super intimidated by the craftiness of the other folks but again, i’m glad i took the chance.
    hope you will too. i follow your blog and i think you’re fabulous. i’d totally come to craft day with you.
    tracy…now a maker of pompoms

    • oh my word, once again it just goes to show that we ALL feel this way. Can I just tell you that Tracy is just about the most creative person in the state of North Carolina? So glad we have single, newly married, moms with toddlers in tow, moms of elementary, middle and high school and college all together, now we need to find us a grandmother to come and we’ll be set!

  19. These do look really fun. I want to do the pom-poms with friends :)

    Am I confused…today is Tuesday, right? Did you mean the sale would start in the middle of the night on Monday night, or it will start sometime this evening?

    • I am confusing–yes, in the post I originally wrote on Monday I was all ” the sale will start tomorrow” and then today came and I realized I should have said “the sale will start Tuesday” so it opens at 9pm.

      • It’s me, I read blogs w/ a baby on my lap and a 3 year old running around me, so sometimes I miss things or speed-read :)

  20. I’m just wondering, how do you take screen shots like the one above, can you share? Pretty please! I love the pom, poms BTW and the colors.

    • oh yes, on my mac I just hit “command shift 4 ” all at the same time–so if you don’t have a mac just google your computer maker and how to screen shot. xo

  21. My girls and I bought pom pom makers at Hob Lob last week and have discovered the joy of the pom! Going to hang some on the mantel (I hope!) for Valentine’s Day, but now I want some for my big branch in the garage. You are contributing to my pom pom delinquency!

  22. I think your plan to spend time with friends by calling it Craft Day is spot on. It’s all about relationships, isn’t it?

  23. What in the world could be more fun than pom poms and adult coloring sheets?! AWESOME! :)

  24. new follower here! love the pom poms. can’t wait to start making my own!

    Pinwheels and Peonies

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