My stump table isn’t a stump at all.  It’s a branch.  It’s the only good thing that came from our beautiful back yard tree that fell.  I knew I wanted a piece of the tree to make into a table and because of my extreme aversion to do any project that takes patience, tons of cash, and/or long, slow repeated careful process, I figured out a way to get me a table with practically no work.  First, I asked our tree cutters if they would cut me a piece about yea big.  I told them not to try to make it too straight, I wanted it to be crooked, you know, with my obsession with imperfection and all.

Technically, you should let your stump dry out and decritter-fy for weeks if not months before you bring it inside.  I am not technical.  Naturally, I was impatient and just wanted to see how my stump would look in my house, I felt the stump and it was dry so I rolled it in and set it up.  That evening there was a puddle of water under the stump.  No wonder it weighed 854 pounds.

We’ve tried these casters on two other pieces, my chair {ack, they split a let} and the ikea shelf, third time’s a charm.  I found the casters in a bag at a thrift store for one dollar, such a great deal, if you are in the market for vintage casters, sometimes you can find them on $5 chairs at thrift stores, cheaper than buying new.

The casters allow just enough circulation to let the slowly leaking water evaporate, I keep checking for water and it’s totally dry under there.

The lovely Karen made a classy striking stump table complete with legs.   Hers took actual planning and patience and is a work of art. My stump table is interested in your stump tables phone number, if single.

Both the photos of Karen’s stump had it next to something fur which completely inspired me to copy her.  The rusticness of the table next to plush fur is a perfect balance, topped off with something shiny?  Heavenly trilogy.  Karen, come to my house?

fur chair post coming soon

I’d like to remove the bark when I get motivated, and do something fun with it, but for now, it’s just fine.  Besides, I have about 30 more pieces of wood in my backyard that I can make tables out of so I can try a few different things.

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