Tree Stump Side Tables

My stump table isn’t a stump at all.  It’s a branch.  It’s the only good thing that came from our beautiful back yard tree that fell.  I knew I wanted a piece of the tree to make into a table and because of my extreme aversion to do any project that takes patience, tons of cash, and/or long, slow repeated careful process, I figured out a way to get me a table with practically no work.  First, I asked our tree cutters if they would cut me a piece about yea big.  I told them not to try to make it too straight, I wanted it to be crooked, you know, with my obsession with imperfection and all.

Technically, you should let your stump dry out and decritter-fy for weeks if not months before you bring it inside.  I am not technical.  Naturally, I was impatient and just wanted to see how my stump would look in my house, I felt the stump and it was dry so I rolled it in and set it up.  That evening there was a puddle of water under the stump.  No wonder it weighed 854 pounds.

We’ve tried these casters on two other pieces, my chair {ack, they split a let} and the ikea shelf, third time’s a charm.  I found the casters in a bag at a thrift store for one dollar, such a great deal, if you are in the market for vintage casters, sometimes you can find them on $5 chairs at thrift stores, cheaper than buying new.

The casters allow just enough circulation to let the slowly leaking water evaporate, I keep checking for water and it’s totally dry under there.

The lovely Karen made a classy striking stump table complete with legs.   Hers took actual planning and patience and is a work of art. My stump table is interested in your stump tables phone number, if single.

Both the photos of Karen’s stump had it next to something fur which completely inspired me to copy her.  The rusticness of the table next to plush fur is a perfect balance, topped off with something shiny?  Heavenly trilogy.  Karen, come to my house?

fur chair post coming soon

I’d like to remove the bark when I get motivated, and do something fun with it, but for now, it’s just fine.  Besides, I have about 30 more pieces of wood in my backyard that I can make tables out of so I can try a few different things.

Here are some more stump ideas:

Three Men and a Lady

west elm $199

thout $120

bleu nature


  1. Fabulous… and green. Perfect combo! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Love it! Bringing nature in is a great way to remember spring is here, although the muddy shoes from the boys remind me of that too ;) It also is something trendy right now and that if you get tired of can easily change out without feeling guilty that you spent a bunch of money on.

  3. MicheleDow says

    You could make candle holders out of any smaller ones. I have wanted to do something like this… I just used what was left of the branches that my hubby trimmed last weekend. I made a “tree” and glued silk flower petals on it to make it look like a flowering pear tree. Then I went out and pulled up some of the moss that was growing on the dirt in the front yard and covered the oasis with it. The whole project cost me nothing cause I just shopped my house for a container. It is super cute. You know… nester I don’t live that far from you (I’m not a murderer :-) I came to your garage sale you had a while back) Maybe you could spare a stump for me?

  4. I love that I am NOT the only person who is not patient. Thanks for being real with us. I love you tree table.

    Cha Cha

  5. What a great idea…I love the casters on yours too! I think that white looks AMAZING!

  6. Wow. I love that stump table! the other ones you posted look cool, too, but I really love yours! Can’t wait to see that fur chair!! ah!

  7. A neighbor had some trees cut down and I got 2 stumps from her. They are so heavy, I’ve had them on my covered dock for what seems like months! I am hoping they are drying out and will weigh less soon! I think I will add the casters—great idea!

  8. Louise in NE OK says

    I have ‘stump’ side tables near a garden bench and a hammock in my shade garden….but I never thought to bring one inside! You rock, that way!

  9. This has come at just the right time! My neighbour is having a HUGE tree cut down in the next few weeks and am definitely going to ask about getting some “stumps” saved. I think it would look great in our house and help blend in with the Autumn & IWinterness that is making it’s way Down Under.

  10. I love it! I’ve been looking for a small side table for beside my husbands leather chair (he sets his coffe cup and such on the arm of the chair, the mantle, and the floor beside the chair) and this is the perfect idea!! I’m pretty sure I have some wood in my backyard from a massive tree we took down a couple years ago… can’t wait to get started!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. a girl after my own heart…i have a wedding coming up that we’re designing around this theme, and i can’t wait! or to see you in a couple weeks, btw!!

  12. SO AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to do something similar and you definitely have me feeling motivated today!


  13. Amazing and overwhelming healthy looks! I think you took care about the height and remove all rough edges of the stump to make it appropriately fit to the room & usage. Great job!

  14. I am just imagining trying to drfur that fuzzy chair. With all the animals that would be sitting in it, rolling in it, clawing at it… not the choice for my house. Hmm, they’d probably see the stump as something for them too. But I like the table ideas. (Not the prices, besides yours)

  15. Briliant idea. I was wanting to get some tree rings for chargers! But this is simply brilliant!

  16. JennyLark says

    I love it! I stalked some neighbors I had never met when they cut down their tree. I left a crazy note on their front door with my phone number. They actually called! I talked a friend into loaning us his truck to get two small coffee table sized stumps from the neighbors’ yard! For almost 6 years they served as FABULOUS outdoor side tables on my brick patio. This was by default! I had every intention of letting them “cure” to bring them inside, but then it would rain, again. Alas, they never did make it inside! Finally, they succumbed to nature and needed to be disposed of (much to my husband’s relief!). I have never completely let go of this desire to bring a piece of the grand outdoors inside in this way. Don’t tell my husband!!! :)

  17. “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love. And I don’t care who knows it!”

  18. lovely! I’m trying to learn how to have an eye for those kinds of things, but I’m just not there yet. My projects tend to look like my kids did it.

  19. I love that! I love the rustic look of stumps. I’m planning on using stumps for centerpieces at my best friends Bridal Shower!

  20. i love the bark.

  21. Love the stumps! DId you have any critters on board?

  22. If someone would pay $200 for nekkid stumps, I bet your non-dried-out, non-decritterfied, lovely barked stump would bring top dollar! Score! : )

  23. Hey Girl,
    Love your style, since I’ve seen your website I’ve made a coffee filter wreath, and wait for it, hung a tree on my wall!!!
    Lovin’ the fur, we are two peas in a pod, just can’t seem to blog, although, my FB page seems like it! :)
    Have a great day, and thanks for inspiring me! :)

  24. Love the fur ottoman but even more I adore that blue and white floral print rug in one of the photos…do you know where I can find it? I have been searching for one just like it and cannot seem to locate~

  25. I love yours, with the moss! It’s beautiful!!! What a neata idea, especially if there is a sentimental reason. I’m pretty curious about the fur chair! :) The molding is gorgeous, too, by the way!

  26. I LOVE this post! I’ve got a photo of a tree stump table that my daughter gave me awhile back when she asked if “Dad could make one of these, please.” Well, so far it hasn’t happened but this post is great inspiration. Am going to dig out that picture and try to find the right stump (we do have stumps) after the snow melts. Could be awhile…

  27. Simply gorgeous. We made an outdoor tree stump table and chairs set for my daughter ( Regarding getting motivated to remove your bark, perhaps if you wait it will fall off neatly like ours did. After a few months the bark simply fell off in neat sheets and we then used the bark as a canvas for my daghter to paint on.

  28. Well, at a yard sale this weekend the people were using tree stumps to hold up their sale stuff. I asked if I could give them a couple of dollars for one and they happily agreed. I was thrilled. My husband was not nearly as excited as me (mostly because he is the designated carrier). So it’s in my garage right now, drying out.
    I hope that if you do anything else with yours, that you’ll keep us updated so that I can see your ideas. I’m excited to have something so unique in my living room! Thanks!

  29. I have some really cool bare-naked cottonwood stumps. I love the look. Have you seen the tables made with a “slice” of a stump and then add legs? I like that too.


  30. I saw some stump tables in a Martha magazine a few years ago where she painted the top part in whites and blues. Contrasted nicely with the wood.

  31. This is a great way to put the fallen trees in the back yard to use!! I love the look when legs are added to the bottom and color added. Very Unique style when mixing a rustic log with a contemporary decor! Fabulous post, like always!
    Sure Fit Slipcovers

  32. Love love love! :) I patrol the interwebs for DIY decor almost constantly, and I’ve been wanting to find some good stumps to paint gold like I once saw… Somewhere? Unfortunately the ideas stick better than the references do.

    But I like the natural, mossy version you’ve got going on just as much, so now I’m divided!

  33. LOVE IT!!!! I want to make one for my bedroom and carve or wood burn a heart on the side with mine and my husband’s initials inside. I just think it’d be so romantic! Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. I love your tree stump tables! Check out the one my husband made for me :)

  35. These stump tables make great accessories for rustic decors. We have a lace curtain that goes really well with ours. You can see it at the following site.

  36. I thought i was the ONLY one who wanted a tree stump table & came across yours today! I LOVE mine! I really wanted 3 of varying sizes but am only using 2 right now. We live in a log cabin so it was a perfectly imperfect fit for our home!

  37. Love your photo exmamples… Great post and your table looks great!

  38. Love it! I have a stump table by my chair and it is my love!!!

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