Does Your House Need Lotion?

You know how by February if you aren’t constantly putting on lotion, your skin is dull and dry and lifeless and wondering if summer is an urban legend?

Our homes are the same way. The air is dry. The winter sun that shines in the house is sharp and after the Christmas greenery is gone it can feel kind of dull and lifeless.

This is the PERFECT time to add some life with a plant.

I kill all my plants too— eventually. Every plant I’ve had has either died, or will die one day in the next month or if I’m lucky a year or two.

But a $15 plant that lives just three months gives me more than $5 a month of enjoyment. Bargain. And if I keep it alive for six months or a year? Bonus!

I just counted and I currently have 9 live plants in our house. One is only a month old, the rest are mostly a year or older.

Still unsure about the power of plants?

Open your favorite magazine, scroll through Instagram or Pinterest saved photos of your favorite spaces and intentionally look for all the plants, flowers and greens in every room.

Now, imagine that space without plants.

Now look around your own home. Are there some places you could add life with a plant?

Want some specific ideas on exact plants and how to care for them? I’ve got a little video tour with links to plant whisperers I trust in my instagram highlights, click here to watch.

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