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Tiny terrariums are my newest obsession.

If you’ve been around these parts since the beginning you might remember my huge terrarium on a stand that I’ve had both inside and out. I found that it wasn’t bringing me enough joy for the amount of room it was taking up so I sold it a few years ago.  When my boys were young we grew plants and my boys put their plastic dinosaurs in the terrarium–and anything they found on a nature walk usually ended up in there as well, since it was huge we could pop in pine cones or special rocks (maybe even a found lizard when the terrarium was outside).  If you have boys, they will LOVE a large terrarium.

my 2 week old, so far, imperfect terrariums that I adore

Now, I’m into tiny terrariums.  Two years ago we had a Terrarium Pro guest post here and tell us exactly what we need to make our own terrarium   I’ll include the list of needed items in this post as well::

  • apothecary jar / where to find it: thrift stores, garden boutiques, craft stores
  •  rocks / where to find it: your driveway, craft /dollar stores
  • charcoal / where to find it: garden centers, aquarium shops
  • potting soil / where to find it: any garden center
    • small low-light plants / where to find it: garden centers
    • moss / where to find it: your backyard, garden centers

    via Rachelthebish

The best part about tiny terrariums is that they are a little micro world all their own.  You can make them out of just about any glass container from a fish bowl to a wine glass to a light bulb.  They are easy to keep alive especially the enclosed terrariums because they almost self water.  And, my favorite part?  You can embellish your tiny terrarium with sweet little accessories.

Here are some of my favorite embellished terrariums::

Wild Horse Beach Terrarium from DoodleBirdie


This is Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice Terrarium created to scale, complete with a hand made replicate of the Beetlejuice house hand painted (some parts with a ONE HAIR paint brush!) I die.

bunny terrarium @ DoodleBirdieWinter Wonderland @ Twig

The Happiest Day Terrarium @ Twig

These terrariums are absolutely enchanting–see the tiny people in there?  It’s their wedding!  I think Twig has the most amazing terrariums to purchase and or be inspired from.

Ok, I can’t stand it, here are some more photos all from the MASTERS of Terrarium, TWIG::

Like the look but don’t want to commit to a project?  Put your plants in a jar @ The Yellow Cape Cod

$20 Terrarium @ Mini Manor

Dino Terrarium @ Yellow Brick Home

how to get all those big things into a tiny holed terrarium @ DIY Craft Projects

DoodleBirdie (sadly, it’s sold)

I apologize because I realize after looking at these photos, if you are anything like me, you are now grabbing your keys, making a list and scavenging your home for terrarium parts. These photos have magical powers to posses one with terrarium cravings.  These terrariums are one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen a long time and are such quirky curiosities for all ages–and they are FUN and easy to make.

Go forth, and Terrariumate!

Do you have or want a terrarium? Any tips? Ideas? Places you know where we can get a miniature unicorn?