I’ve shown you mine, now it’s time for you to show me yours…if you’ve got some great planty ideas or were inspired to finally take another risk and buy a little plant despite the fact that it very well could shrivel up and die then why not link up and show us?  Maybe you are a gardener and you want to share your favorite tips or maybe you just finished a magical terrarium?  Link up!

New here and need inspiration:

I only have two rules.

1. Your post MUST be about plants, not about your DIY rug made from kitten fur that happens to show a corner of a plant.

2. Only ONE link per person–have an entire blog about plants? Great!  Link to an about page or something, maybe you’ve done 5 posts about plants–link to one post where to direct us to each post so we can choose what we want to read about.


If you don’t have a blog but are on instagram and want to join in, just use the hashtag #planty and your photo should show up below.