Wooden Stoppers That Don’t Cost A Fortune


Ever since the plant series and our talk about terrariums I keep seeing these terrariums with the wood stoppers.

And decanters with wood stoppers keep popping up around the web too, this one is from West Elm.

I’ve got some bottles that are nekkid on top so I figured why not just get some wooden craft balls for the tops instead of starting all over to the tune of $39 for a new one just for that cute round wood stopper.

Just a little extra addition to a thrifted bottle kind of finishes it off.  And if I lose the stopper I have a bag of replacements.

wood bottle stoppers

Just for fun I grabbed a few extra sizes to play around with.  And if you are in the mood you could stain or paint your stoppers.

Or even stamp them like these.

I love it when you can beat the system.

Need more outside the box terrarium inspiration? Check out The Slug and the Squirrel, maybe you’ve seen some of their terrariums at your local Anthropologie?


  1. Hmm, I wonder if I could use a giant jaw breaker or a big bouncy ball for a bit of color… :-)

  2. I love the spigot! So many great ideas for stoppers.

  3. oooh, this is a great idea. i love the one that is stamped “enough”. funny. i never really thought to get creative with the stoppers, but seriously, the ideas seem endless for sure.

  4. Nicole W. says

    I LOVE how you come up with GORGEOUS, yet affordable, decor over and over. I am so great-full for you!

  5. I love this idea!

  6. So Unique!
    I CAN”T STOP thinking about the unique garland that is hanging on your kitchen hutch. Is it Newspaper? Did you make it? Is it Orderable? I must know! Please Please post about this! I’m usually pretty crafy, but I can’t figure it out…even after trying to zoom in a hundred times..lol
    ps: Thanks for the tips!

  7. You rebel, you! Beating the system like that. Thanks for sharing your ways with us! :)

  8. I love the wood stoppers and what a great way to cheat the system. I am always looking for ways to do that! Today I blogged about your beautiful coffee table and linked back to you. I hope you will come and check it out!

  9. i’m totally inspired…i want to do this asap!

  10. Brilliant!

  11. Where did you buy the wooden balls?

  12. Easy – cute!

  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea.

  14. How clever of you!!!
    Love your assortment of glass vessels, too!

  15. keep beating the system, it’s one of the things that makes me thrive!

  16. Fun and easy project and looks great. I loved the stoppers with words … I bet all blogger do … as we are word people.

  17. who knew you had a collection of jars that you could stick things in.
    i didn’t.
    where have you been hiding those things?

    wooden stoppers, here i come.

  18. What a great idea! Golf balls..christmas ornaments…fun stuff!

  19. Usually love your ideas Nester, but this one just looks like you put a bunch of ill-fitting craft balls on your bottles as an after thought. Not all hacks look great.

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