Make A DIY Wall Hanging:: Starting with a Mop

diy wall hanging

Hi friends! I wanted to share how I made my wall hanging, not because I expect you to copy it–you certainly are welcome to, but more because I think it’s inspiring to be reminded to use what we can find in all sorts of new ways. This project was SO fun to collect for and to make!


I pinned this image from a window installation created by Nikki Gabriel years ago. The layers, the textures, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

One day I showed it to my assistant, Megan and she mentioned it reminded her of a mop head.


diy wall hanging

Months later, I was at a thrift store and saw a mop head for $2. And I remembered Megan’s comment so I bought it. When I got home, I gathered other bits and pieces that I thought might work: the mop, some heavy yarns, a long stick, and poms..

A few years ago I purchased these pom pom throws. And I didn’t read how to wash them, I just threw them in the washer and dryer and all the poms fell off. And I kept them. At two for $20, they were still worth it!

Let’s get started!

The first step in making this wall hanging is to go ahead and murder every cat within a one mile radius.

diy wall hanging

Then I cut a piece of yarn a little longer than my stick and tied the ends onto the ends of my stick so I could hang it while I worked–you’ll want to be able to hang it. And then I took the strips of my mop and tied them on–just like I tie the first part of a shoe. Over and over again down the line. Every knot the same.

I was lucky because once I cut open the mop where it was sewn together at the top, it was full of all of these long strands already cut and ready to tie! Jackpot!

Be sure to flip the stick over and pick which knotted side you like best–I like the back side of the knots.

diy wall hanging with a mop

Here’s what I ended up with.

DIY wall hanging

Then I tied some of those poms to it…


Don’t forget that tip I had about the cats.

diy wall hanging

Once I tied on those poms, I remembered that I had just packed away my wool pom garland. I bought mine at Anthropologie a few years ago, but there are a ton of DIYs–Emily’s is my favorite.

So I draped it over the branch.

diy wall hanging

As I was digging around in my Christmas stuff, I found my two felted wool garlands (West Elm, ages ago). So I draped those on…

diy mop wall hanging

It was fun just to layer on whatever I could find.

mop tassel

I even made a tassel from another mop head.

And warning…

mop head

All mops are not created equal.

I bought an extra mop head but this one was all sewn together at the top, and the mop was all continuous loops which made it really difficult to cut apart. Ideally, you want to find a mop that has long individual strings that are sewn together in the middle (like what I used for the body of the hanging–sadly, I found it at a thrift store, so I can’t tell you the type it is). But, this one worked great for making the tassel and would even work for making some small braids.

diy wall hanging

diy yarn wall hanging

The thing about making this type of wall hanging is that you can use whatever you want and make it as  any size and color you want and as simple or layered as you like. Start with long strands of something (rope, yarn, threads, pieces of fabric) and then build on that with things you can find or make…

  • garlands
  • poms
  • tassels
  • finger knitting
  • scraps
  • doilies
  • braided and tied pieces

DIY wall hanging

I ended up hanging mine over the bed–and magically, the cats haven’t seemed to care about it any more.

DIY wall hanging


  1. I love this! The mop head is such a great idea!

  2. Totally awesome! How fun!

  3. You are amazing. Mops are so chic!!! :)

  4. I love this so much!

  5. Oh my goodness! This so beautiful and cool and creative. I can’t wait to try this now.

  6. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    I bow down to the queen of creativity! I am definitely going to be doing this! ~Kim

  7. Genius!

  8. I’ve been seeing wall hangings everywhere, and I love the idea of using a mop head! It just gave me a creative idea for a bunch of fabric that I haven’t known what to do with as well!

  9. I love this!! Can’t wait to try my own. I love the idea of using fabric strips too. My puppy ate the poms from a pillow so I bet I will have to hang mine high too.

  10. I love that you took your inspiration and created something which can be an inspiration to us. I would not have been inspired by the original but I am inspired by your creative process. Thanks for being you and for sharing!

  11. This is amazing! I have a very stereotypical view of mops (dirty, bacteria filled, mess pushers) and this project has shown me that not all mops are the same! Can’t wait to try this myself! :)

  12. I LOVE this. Love love love it. I bet a mop head would dye really easily, too. (insert heart eyes emoji)

  13. Beautiful. Love all the texture and the fact that you can use some of your Christmas stuff year round!

  14. Ok, this question is for anyone who sees it… I’m positively desperate for a slipcover for a plaid armchair that I love, but the plaid is just tired and holding everything else back (or it feels that way). I don’t sew, and I definitely don’t have time to learn, so is there ANY place out there that I could find a slipcover and buy it without it being a million dollars???

  15. So gorgeous!! What a fun idea! I’m really tempted to make one now! Question- where did you get those amazing 3 neutral pillows?

  16. Lauren Lund says

    Hi there, Nester! I just had a friend lend me your book (with a wink in her eye), after we got done having a conversation about how I live in a tiny little house that feels like a shoe-box, and I don’t know how to decorate it, but my kids are fat and healthy and my husband is super great, so I shouldn’t complain, right? I have to say, I’ve been in tears since reading it. Is it ok that I am considering it my devotional right now? I feel set free! I also love your style. Everything. I even checked on Amazon for disco balls. Anyways, all that to say — I’m so glad I found you and where the heck did you get that denim chair!?

  17. Neat! I like yours better than the original! It really does make you look at everything with a different eye. -Karen

  18. I just started making Emily’s pom-pom garland, so maybe I’ll have to continue on and go for the whole wall hanging! Lovely!

  19. Beautiful! I so enjoy decorating my home and my walls with creative, one-of-a-kind treasures. And, if I can achieve that on a budget, that is even better!

  20. Definitely getting a 70s macrame vibe and it’s bringing me back-I like it :)

  21. Really great idea to get your interiors look different with such creative mop ideas.

  22. Wow! I’m gonna try this as a window treatment for our 2nd story that only needs semi-privacy….love ya Nester!

  23. Beautiful! This reminds me of the moroccan wedding blankets in a smaller scale.

  24. My very first thought when I saw this was “70’s macramé” …yes, it took me back, too. Love it….and even though we have an adorable 17 year-old cat (who rules the roost), I had to laugh when I read Step 1. Thanks for the post….gonna try this. What fun!!

  25. I love this!! How clever! Very inspiring. :)

  26. You just made me laugh out loud!!! When I sew I lay my fabric on the floor to cut out and of course my cat takes a running start and slides right through it. Thank you for sharing such an awesome DIY.

  27. I am a clever person, but even I had my doubts when I first saw you creating with a mop head. I absolutely love the finished wall hanging. You get the clever award for sure!

  28. ahahah CATS! My life! YES.

  29. You are a total genius and I’m so considering making one for myself. I’m sure my cats would love it too ;)

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  33. This is so cool DIY project. Great job.

  34. Love this so much and I like yours better than the original! :)

  35. Love your mind and your free sprite ♡♡♡ I will be looking out for any mops on sale or at the thrift shops, lol.😃

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