fizzy drink with popsicle

popsicle fizzy drink

This past weekend I had some friends over at The Barn for a Cozy Minimalist hang out time. I knew we needed a fun, girly drink to help keep us cool in the un-air-conditioned barn, so I mixed up some quick popsicle fizzy drinks…

All you need is

  • popsicles in any fruity flavor
  • ginger ale
  • cut up fruit
  • mint
  • fun straws
  • clear glasses
  • 2 minutes to look like a genius rock star who knows how to make cute girly drinks that fizz

popsicle drink fizzy

fizzy drink popsicle

Just load up whatever clear glass you are using with a popsicle, fruit, and mint leaves.

Try to pour in the ginger ale in front of an audience because it will quickly bubble up like this and be all impressive

fizzy drink with popsicle

fizzy popsicle drink

But then it will settle down and look like this. Still pretty. Just not as glamorous.

fizzy drink DIY

You can use plastic cups, mason jars, champagne flutes…whatever.

fizzy drinks

fizzy popsicle drink DIY how to

PS, photos of our time at The Barn coming soon!