Too Much and Not Enough

Having nothing… …and keeping everything… look eerily similar.  

Good Stuff, Not Just Because it’s Pink

My dear friend Ellen from sweetwater has outdone herself this year and she has no idea.  Also? Her graphics are to die for.  Her series, Abide: 31 Days to Love Where You Live is slightly spellbinding and full of wise-make-you-think words.  I LOVE what she says about margin: “Margin is not an excuse to not […]

Home, Purposefully. Part 2

 continued from yesterday, you must read Part 1 before you read this post, Part 2: My husband’s franchise is flexible and since Nesting Place has grown he’s been able to take advantage of the flexibility. He works one day at our church during the week and then on Sunday so that means that slowly over […]

Home, Purposefully

Four years ago this month I came home from my first blogging conference (the very first Blissdom with only 70 people) and asked my husband if I could temporarily stop homeschooling our boys and see if I can make this Nesting Place blog into a real business. Of course, it’s more complicated than that.

I Thought You Were Rich If…

theladymargaret After I mentioned how growing up, I thought only rich people had picnic tables, a few of you left comments with what you thought was only for the rich:   “I love that you associate picnic tables with rich people! For me, it’s honeydew melon. When I was a little girl, I even called […]

Picnic Tables: They’re Not Just for Rich People Anymore

You thought I was being funny when I mentioned I’d always dreamed of having a picnic table.  But it’s true. I grew up eating on picnic tables in my grandparent’s back yard and just like a having a tire swing, it’s a shining beacon of home. But it wasn’t until I was a freshman in […]

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