You thought I was being funny when I mentioned I’d always dreamed of having a picnic table.  But it’s true. I grew up eating on picnic tables in my grandparent’s back yard and just like a having a tire swing, it’s a shining beacon of home.

But it wasn’t until I was a freshman in high school that our family got our first picnic table.  In my  fourteen-year-old head, picnic tables were for rich people.  So I figured that’s why we didn’t have one.  So yes, even in college I knew that one day, I would have a picnic table too.  I can vividly remember thinking that I might even *gasp* put my own picnic table inside one day.

Regardless if you are rich or not, every house could use an unassuming workhorse picnic table. And I’m so happy we finally got one.

This year I was part of the True Value Blog Squad and the very first thing I knew I wanted one of our projects to be was a picnic table. It came as a kit and it was a little tricky because some of the pre-drilled holes weren’t lined up but, nothing my husband and our neighbor weren’t able to handle.

The kit comes with the top already assembled (PHEW!) so all you (or your husband) have to do is put the legs together and secure it all.

I also wanted an umbrella for our table so my husband grabbed a one inch drill bit hole cutter thingy (you are welcome True Value, you  have my permission  to start using that name on the packaging now) and simply drilled a hole in the middle of the table once it was put together.  He also grabbed a metal something-or-other (that’s the official name) to put around the hole. It’s not necessary but it does make it look a little more finished.  Personally, because I’m a picnic table purest, I think it looks better without that metal thing but my husband was begging to pimp out this table a little. But for the most part I wanted the basic rich people model so we compromised.  He got to attach a metal ring around the hole and I got to proclaim “We’re rich!”.

I knew I wanted an opaque stain so while I was at True Value I asked about what would work best. I was pleasantly surprised that they carried a really high quality Benjamin Moore paint and stain.  So I just followed what the paint expert told me and bought a quart of siding stain.

I wanted a really dark olive color and they had a chart with all the different colors and thankfully, it was really easy to pick out one right in the store.

Beware, when you get a new picnic table you will realize how desperately your deck needs to be stained.  I love the finished result.

Cost Breakdown:

Picnic Table Kit: $149

Umbrella : $49 (just noticed it’s on sale for $39)

Drill Bit: $10ish

Stain: $12ish

Total: $225ish

Not bad for seating for six and a versatile table that I hope will stay with our family for years–maybe I’ll even bring it inside one day…

My favorite part about the table, the knots and holes.

 And just for funs, here’s some picnic table inspiration:

Angela’s picnic table at the cottage rekindled my almost forgotten love of the humble picnic table.  Indoors? YES please!

design sponge

Small on space?  Scoot it against the wall and use just one side.

Alti Hemmet.

Country Living

Metropolitan Home

Better Homes & Gardens

Is there a little something you’ve always dreamed of having in your home?  Maybe like me, it’s not anything all that expensive, but something that represents home to you.  I’m surprised at how great it felt to fulfil a childhood dream for our home, as ridiculous as it was to wait this long for a picnic table, it really helps makes our house feel like home to me.  And isn’t that what Home. On Purpose is all about?

True Value would like to help you start a project in your home too.  Leave a comment to win a $100 gift card from True Value to use online or in the store.

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.  I even had to tell them about the fact that my picnic table pre-drilled holes were all wonky and they were cool with me letting you know about that.

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