Happy branch cutting season to you and yours!

It’s officially spring which means it should be getting easier to find some branches in your yard to cut and bring inside.

But what if you don’t have a yard, or you don’t want to cut four big branches off your magnolia trees every ten days for the rest of your life?

Although I would always prefer real greens to pretend greens, sometimes you need options. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite spectacular fake greens.

Above on the left is a faux magnolia branch. I love that it has a bud. On the right I added two more live branches from my yard. See how good the fake ones are?

Here on the left is my darling live pencil cactus plant. I’ve had him for a few years now, he puts up with almost no light and I love the airiness and sprawling stems. Not all pencil cacti look like that, but when I purchase them, that’s what I look for. On the right is a pretend pencil cactus. I’m still working with it, but I think in a different vase or planter it could have the same effect. This is one “plant” but I think I might rip it apart and separate it and make two out of it.

To me this is an outdoor plant, but what do I know? This caladium was on sale and this one stem has seven leaves and looks just like the real thing. I think I’ll purchase another stem because I like how they look paired with this vase but it’s a little sparse.

I love asparagus fern. I have a real one, some preserved ferns and now these extremely realistic pretend ferns. This is only three stems, I think I’ll purchase 3-4 more to make it look fuller, but I’m really, really pleased with how real they look and feel.

Tropicals look almost fake even when they are real so they are easy to get right. Here I’m using two Fan Palm leaves.

Here I have two bunches of Italian Ruscus. I love how big and full it is, in person this looks the most fake out of all of the greens, but is still decent.

When you purchase pretend greens you want them to look so real that they will fool everyone. I have some I even “plant” in pots into soil where my old plants have died. You know you’ve found great greens when you are tempted to water them.

Also, if you’re curious, here’s how I do my plate walls.

1. Magnolia Branch
2. Asparagus Fern
3. Caladium
4. Pencil Cactus
5. Fan Palm
6. Italian Ruscus

Don’t forget, greens always want to be paired with some kind of container. I like to shop second hand for those, here’s a little more info on what types of vases to look for.

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