Happy Lamp Season to all who celebrate!

With shorter days come darker rooms and dark rooms deserve gorgeous lighting that makes you look beautiful, your rooms feel cozy and inviting and look great! Lamps are one of the most functional pieces of decor.

Episode three of the House Rules Podcast is all about the power of lamps and what you should look for when purchasing. Here’s where you can listen, and there’s also a transcript if you would rather read.

I shop three different types of places for lamps. 

First, I look at antique malls and second hand stores. Second, I look at off the rack places, like HomeGoods and Target. Third, I shop online at lighting stores, like Visual Comfort, because they carry the latest styles of well made lamps and lighting. All but one of the lamps below is from Visual Comfort and they only have a few sales per year. Black Friday is the best sale. Lots of online stores carry the same lights so it can be helpful to do a quick google search for the best deal.

Today, I want to share my favorite lamps. I purchased all these online and I love them all.

Last year I gave myself a lighting budget and was lucky to find a few key pieces at a steal second hand, so I was able to pay a pretty penny for these lamps. They were well worth it for me and I recommend them. I’ve had each of these lamps for a year now and we use them all every single day!

1. Brooks Table Lamp 
This lamp sits on my desk, which is a pedestal table, in the middle of the room. I purchased this lamp because it’s a huge scale, but also has a clear base with quiet presence. Perfect if you have something layered behind it that you want to see. 

2. Adjustable Floor Lamp
I have a pair of these in brass next to the swivel chairs in front of our fireplace. These might be the most functional lamps in our house. Worth every penny. Dimmable, adjustable, fits in small spaces and timeless. 

3. Hackney Table Lamp
I also have a pair of these in polished nickel. I love them, but I don’t think they feel quite worth the price since they are so simple. However, I needed exact measurements to sit on a hutch and they fit the bill. I expect to use them for as long as I live, so I guess they are actually worth the investment!

4. Bradshaw Glass Lamp (not from Visual Comfort)
I do like this lamp but it doesn’t feel quite as special as the others. The look and feel isn’t as timeless and well made, but I’m still glad I have it. 

5. Terri Large Round Lamp
Don’t let the word “Large” fool you, this is the tiniest lamp but absolutely stunning and super crazy heavy. Be sure to always look at the measurements when you are purchasing. I bought this lamp for a little alcove in our kitchen – I thought the round base would help balance out all of the right angles happening with the cabinets and it did! 

6. Cleo Orb Desk Lamp
This lamp has such a cool vibe and although it only puts out a little bit of warm glowy light, it’s GORGEOUS. It was a birthday gift to myself last year and it sits behind me in my office, if you’ve ever watched a video as I sit at my desk, this is the sweet lamp you see in the background.

I also want to share a lamp that I don’t think you should purchase. It’s this gorgeous quirky Moreseby Floor Lamp. I purchased it because I see it more as a piece of sculpture or art, as opposed to giving off much lighting and I was good with that. This is the most expensive lamp I’ve ever purchased. 

However, I don’t recommend it because it’s very unbalanced and feels wobbly to me. Even though the lamp itself seems well made with great details, it’s top heavy.

I ended up keeping it because it’s breathtaking and it still served the purpose I purchased it for. I value interesting silhouettes, I don’t have little kids and I’ve learned that I treat lamps like art. And this lamp is most certainly ART. 

huge arch floor lamp above was $199 second hand