In case you missed it, here’s the link to watch last week’s Surface Styling School Part 1….

What about Part 2?

Yep! There’s a Part 2!

I hired a video crew to come to my house for a few days and we filmed the second half of the class in my home. It’s live action! Watch me style all sorts of surfaces and talk you through why some things look great and others, well, not so great. 

You can watch the entire Part 2 class with your kids in under an hour…

The new class is FREE with your annual membership to the Cozy Minimalist Community. Already an annual member? Great, all you need to do is nothing to get the class. 

PLUS, now annual members will instantly receive last year’s class: House Rules, the entire Season Pass (all four seasonal classes!) along with the brand new Surface Styling School Part 2 that will automatically drop into your account on October 19th.

We only open our doors for one week, three times a year. Join us now and together, we’ll work through a room and be done by Thanksgiving!

I’ll see you in the community!