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Creating a beautiful home starts in your head, not in the furniture store.

With any project, you don’t begin by focusing on what you need; you being by recognizing what you already have. I wasted years in our early homes fretting over what I didn’t have, and it blinded me to what was right in front of me.  —The Nesting Place, page 111 (and every word is still true).


When it comes to making changes in your home, I’m the first one to say that you should start with what you have–shop the house, move stuff around! This is my favorite decorating & style tip–simply use what you have in a different way!


But, I also realize that many of us do need to purchase things for our home from time to time, and when we do, it’s nice to have an idea of where to start looking for said things.

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I recently created a 26 page shopping/buying guide.


This guide is a quick read with lots of photos and all my tips for where I shop for different types of things for my house–it’s pretty much the answer to the question I get asked the most! Hey, where do you shop for [insert every type of furniture or decor item here].


This is not a guide of everything in my house and where I purchased it from–lots of my stuff is second-hand, local or older, but for the things available online, you can find the sources here.


Instead, this is a guide to the best places to look for great things for your home, things like lamps, rugs, drapes, every type of furniture, accessories and more! I’ll tell you where to splurge and where to consider buying second hand– along with common pitfalls and tips.

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