the family room

The most asked question I get? “Where’d you get that _______?”

The truth is, I’ll shop ANYwhere that I can find home stuff–from yard sales, thrift stores and church basements to swanky local shops to online stores.

Here are a few items in my home that I get asked about often (with a few wish list items thrown in) with links to where you can find them online.


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And here are some of my favorite Amazon finds…

When it comes to funky signature pieces, my favorite place to shop is The Deopt at Gibson Mill in Concord NC. It’s over 80,000 square feet of uniqely curated booths full of second hand amazingness.

jute rug

When it comes to rugs, I purchase mine mostly online. Here’s my very favorite rug (I own four of these–from rugsUSA) And I also like this cowhide–be sure to sign up for the RugsUSA newsletter to get extra discounts.

For my walls, I love mirrors or weird items that I find in weird places.

If you see a canvas it’s probably from Lindsay Letters or Naptime Diaries.


For case goods (tables, shelves, cabinets, dressers and such), I love shopping second hand–thrift stores and yard sales. You have to be patient, but it’s worth it.

  • the dresser our TV is on: $18 yard sale
  • our main eating table: $15 yard sale
  • the spotted sofa table in our dining room: $20 thrifted
  • stump tables: free, side of the road
  • the blue dresser in my office: $75 thrifted

For soft goods, I shop locally and online.

I also love HomeGoods for lamps, pillows and kitchenware.