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If you’ve been hanging around here at Nesting Place for the past few years, you might already know that Chad & I and our three teenage boys moved from a rental house in the ‘burbs to a 13 acre neglected old sawmill in the country (yet still 25 minutes from Ikea!) outside Charlotte, NC. We’ve been here for 2 1/2 years and one of the first projects we tackled was renovating the old green tractor barn.

Our dream was to have a family room that held 40ish people that was separate from our house. We have it now! We’ve hosted a slew of different types of parties and gatherings (here’s the next one coming up). And I took some fresh photos for spring and wanted to share them.

Just a reminder…

barn before


I have a non-Christmas photo shoot of the entire barn tomorrow ??? and I just took this picture. #atthewhitebarn

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We had a family Christmas party in the barn, and then it sat collecting stuff for a few months.

Until I cleaned it up…


#white #barn




barn piano




#barn #woodstove


Most sources that are linkable online and still available can be found here.

a little video we made a few months before our first event

More about the barn:

The Barn: A week after we moved to this property

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Painting the Barn (inside)

Barn Changes (exterior)

barn renovation

Our barn is 20 x 40 feet with 20 foot ceilings, it doesn’t have heating or air (other than the 2 ceiling fans and a big wood stove) so it’s almost like an enclosed porch that we can use all but 2 months of the year.


And for fun, the #AtTheWhiteBarn hashtag on instagram:


  1. So fun to do a barn re-visit again! LOVE all the white, the wide open windows, the gathering spaces …

  2. I was just looking at your instagram wondering where that denim sofa was in your house! NOW I see!! :) Love it, such a great wide open space.

  3. So…this awkward…can I move into the barn because it’s nicer than my house :)

  4. It is lovely. I did not see a source for your white leather poufs. Can you tell me where you bought them? Thank you. (I recently saw a pale pink stuffed one at Ross {of all places} for $99. Have been kicking myself ever since for not buying it.)

  5. Patricia says

    Judging by your wonderful photos, your cats actually “own” the barn, they just let you use it now and then… Or did they just follow you out there for a photo op? As cats may choose to do…

  6. Hi, love seeing the Barn pictures and looking at all your furniture and accessory finds! I m wondering if the white sofa slipcover is custom and if not where did you find it!
    Thanks so much for so generously sharing your life with us!

  7. I’ve wanted a white tulip table with a marble top for years. YEARS I SAY. Now you have me thinking black might be an option too. Love the little black tulip table. ~ k!

  8. Love the barn! What a good idea to have a place separate from your home to host gatherings! Well done!

  9. Love this barn! We just found out we’re relocating from Cincinnati to Charlotte in the fall. Is it weird my favorite part of this post said you’re just 25 minutes from Ikea?! We’re actually going to be on the south/southwest side of Charlotte, maybe even into South Carolina. We still have to take our house hunting trip but would love any suggestions on neighborhoods if you think of any off the top of your head. Or if like you decide to rent out that gorgeous barn. :)

  10. So fresh, relaxing and simply pretty! ( I think a barn can be pretty). You’ve done a fabulous job in this space!!

  11. btw…LOVE the picture of the colorful tassels on the branch! Makes me smile!

  12. hey girl love your barn! So cool! Can I come soon?

  13. Hello – been following your blog for a few years now and I love your book. If you have a moment can you kindly share where I could possibly purchase the glass coffee table, and the wooden angel wings. Love those wings for my daughter’s room. Thank you! Happiness & good health to you and your family…

  14. Emily Harris says

    I was just missing your barn. ????????????

  15. I simply must know…will there be any girl retreats at the barn? :)

  16. Wondering if it’s open at the top where the wall meets the roof? Is so how do you keep things out?

  17. Oh, I love that places so.

  18. Love the pictures! Where did you get the rugs?


  19. I just love the barn. The pictures look amazing.
    Great job!

  20. Congratulations, the room looks awesome! You did awesome decorating work. I just love the wings!

  21. The barn looks like a cozy retreat…you are so very blessed to have that space. I was hoping you would please kindly share where you purchased those beautiful wooden angel wings. I tried to search your blog to find out where so I wouldn’t pester you but couldn’t find a resource. I googled wooden angel wings and came up with a lot of places but didn’t spy yours in particular. I’m sure others would also like to know. Thank you so much for inspiring us all!

  22. Which 2 months can you not use the barn? Winter months because the stove can’t keep up or one winter month (when it’s too cold) and one summer month (when it’s too hot)?

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