at the barn

If you’ve been hanging around here at Nesting Place for the past few years, you might already know that Chad & I and our three teenage boys moved from a rental house in the ‘burbs to a 13 acre neglected old sawmill in the country (yet still 25 minutes from Ikea!) outside Charlotte, NC. We’ve been here for 2 1/2 years and one of the first projects we tackled was renovating the old green tractor barn.

Our dream was to have a family room that held 40ish people that was separate from our house. We have it now! We’ve hosted a slew of different types of parties and gatherings (here’s the next one coming up). And I took some fresh photos for spring and wanted to share them.

Just a reminder…

barn before


I have a non-Christmas photo shoot of the entire barn tomorrow ??? and I just took this picture. #atthewhitebarn

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We had a family Christmas party in the barn, and then it sat collecting stuff for a few months.

Until I cleaned it up…


#white #barn




barn piano




#barn #woodstove


Most sources that are linkable online and still available can be found here.

a little video we made a few months before our first event

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barn renovation

Our barn is 20 x 40 feet with 20 foot ceilings, it doesn’t have heating or air (other than the 2 ceiling fans and a big wood stove) so it’s almost like an enclosed porch that we can use all but 2 months of the year.


And for fun, the #AtTheWhiteBarn hashtag on instagram: