empty barn

One of our goals before our big moving day was to clean out the World’s Worst Barn.

The house we bought is about 1000 square feet smaller than our rental house. Plus, the basement and kitchen are both being renovated so we have stuff we need to store until we can use those rooms. Plus every year I try to purge for a Big Sale with Angela, I’m not exactly sure when this one will happen but you’ll be the first to know. So we needed to use this barn for storage and some of the furniture will stay in here so we’ll have some place to sit when we invite you here. My husband cleaned out the barn and pressure washed the floors last week. I figured we put all my storage stuff in that far corner.


Cooter Davis and Ralf were at the barn at some point.


As well as stinging critters.


I kind of like this old table now that I can see it.

dirty barn

Here it is when we first bought the house.

In preparation for the next photo…

please brace yourself,

cover small children and puppies,

and take a deep breath…


Because we moved yesterday and here’s all the stuff that DIDN’T go into our house. This 800 square foot barn is almost full. It’s overwhelming yes. And I’m totally embarrassed of all the stuff I have, yes. BUT, it’s also encouraging to me. Sprinkle in some natural light, temperature control and some shopping of the barn to set up some sweet seating arrangements and this space has potential for us. I can so see us here doing crafts or learning something new, being encouraged, listening to Reeve sing. Or I could just open up a furniture store.