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Today I wanted to share four of the things I get asked about the most when I’m out and about–my four favorite bags.

I’m not the kind of girl who has 15 different hand bags in my closet.

I used to be that kind of girl.

Then I realized life is complicated enough without remembering to move my wallet from bag to bag. And besides, I’d rather have one or two quality hand bags I LOVE that are made well and last for years, than six $29 bags that fall apart after eight moths.

I used the exact same $1 yard sale coach bag for 20 years (some years exclusively) so I don’t mess around when it comes to bags.

striped bag

Striped Oilcloth Bag

Hobby Lobby carries these bags for $7.99 (and you can use your 40% off coupon!). They are oilcloth-ish (think those plastic table cloths from the diner) so if you store something in it that leaks, there’s extra protection from it leaking all the way out of the bag. I use these to keep my markers or my essential oils, and I keep one in my Leather Tote (below) for my makeup/Kleenex/lotions and potions.

I keep a tassel on one so I can quickly tell them apart. I buy my tassels from local shops who carry wares from one of my favorite makers Jennifer from Created Beautifully (she makes COWHIDE BAGS TOO, I DIE!!!!). Here’s her tassel listing!

Bebe Galllini’s carries the tassels if you are local.



The Mamuye Leather Tote from FashionABLE

I stalked this bag for a full year before I purchased one.

Remember, my last bag that I loved only cost me $1. And this one is $178 which is the most money I’ve ever spent on myself for something I wear/use. So I had to do some research on FashionABLE.


Here’s what FashionABLE does and believes:

We believe that the solutions to ending poverty lie in creating economic opportunity and that lasting change happens when we move beyond charity and focus on providing jobs that promote dignity.  


I was sold on the company, now I just needed to decide for sure if the bag was for me. I had a few friends that use this bag so I asked them all about it, how it compared to other bags. They all LOVED it.

What ultimately sold me was Ruth saying that she had a few similar bags, but this bag lent itself to a more casual look if needed. I am nothing if not casual, and the bag looks great dressed up too.

Also, the fact that I used my last bag for 20 years reminded me that it’s worth it for me to buy something timeless that I can use until I get sick of it.

I have the cognac color but I’m also considering the moss

leather bag

leather totes


laptop case

Rekik Laptop Case

Also from FashionABLE because YES. I’ve wanted a Laptop case for years and I hate every one I’ve ever seen. Until I saw this one.

laptop case

They have a few different colors and sizes to choose from. It’s perfectly snug and pretty enough to carry on its own if I’m just running into the coffee shop real quick, or, it fits into my big work bag…

work bag

Lost & Found Benecio Diamond Pattern Leather Tote Bag

I found mine for $100 at TJ Maxx a few years ago. I heard that Anthropologie used to carry them.

Here’s one place that sells it for $375 yikes! (it pops up on ebay from time to time though)

Even though this particular bag is hard to find, the story is worth the read…

A few years ago I was out NOT shopping for a big leather work bag.

But again, for YEARS (clearly I have buying commitment issues) I had wanted/needed a real bag to hold my computer/books/notes/journals when I went to work someplace or to a conference which is often. I had literally been using a beach bag to travel with my computer. Feel free to roll you eyes.

While I was shopping for something else, this bag caught my eye. It was beautiful, the perfect size, unique, well made. It was $100 which is not an amount I easily spend on myself but I knew I would use this bag all the time.


best bagsit’s very leathery–but the laptop case goes inside the large tote and the tasseled striped bag goes in the small tote, it all makes sense and feels really put together when I’m leaving the house–even if I’m wearing yoga pants!

Sometimes, something you’ve been looking for finds you at a time when you’ve forgotten you were even looking for it. I’m glad I paid attention, took the risk and bought each of these bag that I use every single day.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect bag, my advice, take your time and be open to finding it when you least expect it–at a yard sale, online, or while you are shopping for dish towels. Ask about your friend’s bags, ask the lady in the parking lot at World Market where she got her bag and if she likes it.

favorite bags


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