my bag

The first year we were married (almost 18 years ago) I bought this Coach bag at a yard sale for $1. I used it off and on through the years. But I loved having lots of different color and style bags so I never used it for very long.

Then after forgetting to move every little thing from one bag to another one day for the millionth time, and being caught away from home without something important. I gave up. I decided I would just use my brown bag for awhile and not have to worry about changing over every lipstick and wallet and trinket that I think I need to keep around. It. Was. So. Freeing. That was three years ago. For the past two years I’ve used this bag exclusively. I have a tiny black bag with a wrist strap for special occasions.

Last year after reading this post from fellow 31 Dayer Jules, I bought leather conditioner and cleaned my bag. This year, I need to find where I packed my little bottles away for the move because it’s time to care for my bag once again.

It’s not for everyone.

It’s probably not for me forever.

But for now, it’s how I do handbags. Uncomplified.

This is day 8.

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in mercy

Update on yesterday’s post about #inmercy and the classroom we are building together with (in)courage for Mercy House. When I went to bed last night we were at 40% funded in just one day! In the night I got an email that it was 50% funded! Then, a few hours later it was 75% funded! It’s such a joy to be part of this. If everyone reading this gave $2 it would be funded in an hour. Will you join me in this uncomplified giving of the easiest room we’ll ever build?

UPDATE:: As of 3:30 EST this project is fully funded!! There are no words! Be sure to check out the Mercy House website for more information!