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Michele Owens 2 afterafter

Most of the time, our spaces don’t need a $10,000 budget complete with all new furniture, a full-time contractor and a designer.

Most of the time, our spaces need just a little attention, a small investment of time or money (whichever you can spare will make a big difference) and someone to encourage us, coach us, and simply steer us to make the kind of changes that will make the biggest impact.

Above is Michelle’s room. The photos were taken 30 days apart. She made small changes in all the right places and the result is a finished looking, put together, cozy room that serves her family well.

Michelle is a Cozy Minimalist Graduate. And these photos are the result of her being a part of the Cozy Minimalist Course that I taught last month!



Above is Emily’s sunroom/office (my sister!). WOW!! She already had most of this stuff. She just needed to have the steps in place to know what to focus on and how to make it better. Emily is a Cozy Minimalist.


Here’s Angela’s bedroom (she’s the Grocery Shrink!) I adore her, because I’ve had this exact room. Often. In almost every house we’ve lived in. Now that Angela is a Cozy Minimalist Graduate, she knows how to attack any room with confidence. She knows where to start and what to focus on. She knows how to make a room go from headache to haven starting with what she already has.

Shyla Rohrer

Shyla’s space looks taller, cozier and more pulled together, right? Y’all this didn’t cost a huge amount of money or take a huge amount of time. Focusing on a few main things can make all the difference in your space.

Bethany  before Bethany’s before

Bethany   afterBethany’s after

I absolutely LOVED teaching the Cozy Minimalist course. Out of everything I’ve ever done–from writing the blog and the book, speaking at conferences, hosting events, helping people one on one in their home–teaching this course was the most enjoyable and rewarding experience for me because I got to see the results of everyone making actual changes in their home! This actually works in homes other than my own!

cozy minimalist

I taught the course live with webinars filled with lots of cute & entertaining slides while I talked through everything you need to know about creating a space that represents your own style, starting with what you have, guiding you through what to do.

And now we have a self-study course for anyone who couldn’t take the live course.

The course teaches you:

  • Exactly where and how to start any room
  • What to focus on
  • Where to invest time & money
  • How to use just the right amount of stuff to get the look you are after
  • What not to worry about
  • How to give yourself permission to take risks and also take your time
  • Step by step process that teach you Universal Decorating Truths (not rules!) that can be applied to every room of your house.

The course is discounted from the original price of $89 (the live course included a facebook group & live webinars where everyone could ask questions during or before) and now the Self Study course is just 39 dollars! You can go through it at your own pace and apply it to every room in your house.


With the course you have instant access to all the webinar information–the content of the course– for as long as you need it.

I am so SO happy to be offering this for you, because THIS is how I’ve always approached decorating the rooms in my own house, and now I can help you do it too! Your room is going to thank you!!!

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