domaine home

old bathroom

We bought this house knowing every wall, floor, ceiling, window, and fixture would eventually need to be replaced, touched by paint or repaired.

After living in 14 different homes, I’ve learned that even though it’s a pain to have to replace things, it’s a bigger pain to pay more for a house because you are buying someone else’s remodeled, or recently built choices that you don’t even like. So instead of investing in the previous owner’s style just to have a finished house, we’ve decided to pay less and take on the work ourselves. Over time.

Sometimes it’s a big, ugly nightmare and I think I’m the dumbest person ever. Then, once it’s over, I slowly start feeling like I might possibly be smart. Sadly, we’ve yet to truly have a completed project!

So the other day Chad was sitting at the kitchen bar while one of the boys was taking a shower in their upstairs bathroom and water starting dripping from the pendant light over the kitchen island–while the light was on.

Guess what room we are focusing on next…

fix up a bathroom

old bathroom

I didn’t even bother to clean it up before I snapped some photos. When we first moved in I started to at least paint the trim to freshen up the boy’s bathroom, but it was the least rewarding thing I’ve ever done so I gave up midway through.

old tub

The old pink tub has dark rust stains from the years without a good water filter and softening system.

help me

What kind of mother am I to let my kids (and guests!) use this?! I never even looked closely at this before! Dear world, please accept my deepest apologies, I was knee-deep in kitchen and barn renovations, I never noticed this disease ridden shower head.

popcorn ceiling

And the popcorn ceiling (mankind’s worst idea) is falling down on its own.

old bathroom

Y’all it’s time.

To fix the leak properly we have to dig into the wall, so guess what my next project will be?

A teenage boys bathroom!

My first stop is pinterest.

I look at everything I’ve pinned in my “Bathrooms I Wouldn’t Mind Cleaning” board and figure out what I want the overall room to feel like (bright, with some contrast, simple, clean with storage for 3 boys and places for towels.

I want to keep the price as low as I can, but I still want style and long-term solutions.

I can’t wait to see what happens with this space.