Before + Afters :: Cozy Minimalist Rooms

You know that room in your house that has lots of potential but doesn’t feel quite right?  

I’m ready to help you finish and fall in love with that room!

I promise, you can create the home you’ve always wanted starting with the stuff you have right now.  

Did you know that I host a private group 100% focused on helping women like you finish every room in their house? 

It’s the Cozy Minimalist Community and we’re now open to new members for one week only.

Based on the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Book: Cozy Minimalist Home

You don’t have to be a sold out minimalist, or a full-fledged cozy(ist?) to join, you simply need the desire to decorate your home with more style and less stuff.  

Together, we’ll work through your house, one room at a time applying each of the Cozy Minimalist steps IN THE RIGHT ORDER (this is KEY).  

When you focus on one room and understand the correct order to make decisions, your entire room will come together.  

Want proof? 

Here are some before and afters from some of the members of the Cozy Minimalist Community::

Mallory says: 
“Following the steps that I learned through this community helped me to truly see how my space is meant to be used and that I don’t need all the smalls to make it cozy, that in fact I can create a cozy and stylish space I love with less stuff.”

Laura L:
“Not done, but this room has come a LONG way and I am so thankful for the huge role that this community played in that! It gave me an invaluable sounding board, great ideas, and most of all CONFIDENCE to takes risks and make changes in my home that have made it feel so much more cheery and cozy.”

Cheri J:
“Being a part of this community gave me direction & confidence to decide on a good furniture arrangement and a new couch, which we had put off for several years because I couldn’t decide what the room needed! Now, this is my favorite room!”

Holli P:
“I never thought I could decorate, much less enjoy the process of transforming a room in my house to a place where the entire family loves to be and a space that I’m proud to welcome others into… I’m so thankful to have this room in our house now!”

Maybe your room will be featured next time we open? 

Imagine what can happen if you give me ONE MONTH–I’ll help you transform that tricky room forever. And it will be done in time for the holidays! Amen. 

When you join the community, you’ll choose one room and focus on that room only for the first month, after that, I’ll teach on different topics, host Q+A sessions and share behind the scenes sneak peeks from my own projects in my fixer-upper.  

You’ll love the live, weekly video teachings and archives packed full of hands on demos like: how to paint furniture like a Cozy Minimalist, Styling Shelves, all about Lamps, Entryways, Bathrooms and so much more.

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