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lovely bedroom & dresser:: thistlewood farm

Dressers are one of the hardest working pieces of furniture that you can own. Plus, they come in a million different styles, are easy to paint and can be found super inexpensively second-hand. If you wanted to, you could work a dresser into every room of your house…

sink dresser

Add some sinks and use a dresser in the bathroom via the pretty blog


Emily Henderson’s Ikea Hacked Dresser for the Kitchen


Joanna used this dresser in the living room of the 80’s Rancher Fixer-Upper

bathroom dresser

A dresser used for storage in a bathroom via Country Living


Use a dresser type of piece in between two chairs via Garden & Gun


I bought this dresser for $18 at a yard sale five years ago. I just painted it white.


Today our TV sits on the same dresser.


I found this dresser at a thrift store for $60ish


It was perfectly distressed. I put all different knobs on it and it’s both a surface and storage in the barn.


Here’s the same dresser in the guest room of our last house.


I found this dresser at a thrift store for around $80. I painted it blue and used it in my office in our last house…

office dresser

…and it’s in my office in this house. I think I’m going to paint it a new color though.


And this piece isn’t a dresser, it’s the bottom of my hutch sitting on our back porch/laundry room. But the point is, it COULD be a dresser. A dresser would work really well here.

Yard sale season is starting and if you are out and see an inexpensive dresser but you don’t know right that second where in the world you would put it, but you have lots of empty walls in your house–my advice is to buy that dresser and figure out where you’ll put it later.

How many dressers do you have?


  1. After reading this post, I want to say not enough dressers!! We have dresser type pieces (storage and surface) five of those but I’m on the hunt for one more to use as a coffee nook.

    Love these ideas!

  2. I have 6 dressers and literally use them in every room. Bedroom, of course is a 1918 birds eye maple set I inherited as the eldest grandchild. I have one in the guest bedroom that was a thrift find that I use for my summer-time foster child, one in my office was my grandfathers and it is a very patina brown and I cannot paint it. All of the kids names, etc are carved in it. One in the living room and one in the kitchen. They are great accents and excellent added storage.

  3. Love this post! I currently use a mid-century modern dresser painted black as my TV stand/storage in my living room. But to think about it, I have enough hand me down dressers in my house that really could use some upgrades. Thanks for the inspirational photos.

  4. We bought a dresser the first month we were married for $40 that now acts as my “sideboard” in the dining room. I’ve been meaning to paint it for the last oh, 7 years or so. We’ll see if that ever happens…

  5. I just realized that I don’t have any dressers in my home. I have a buffet in my husband’s music room that serves for office storage and of course a couple chest of drawers for clothes storage, but no real dressers. I must remedy this. I”m always saying I don’t have enough storage – what have I been thinking – dressers are the perfect solution! Years ago I had one in my kitchen that had belonged to my grandmother. I moved and it went to my families farm where it got relegated to the barn and eventually died a slow death. It had glass knobs. I’ve regretted losing that one for lots of reasons. It was perfect for kitchen storage. I have a spot in my kitchen where a cheap table could be moved out and a dresser put in. Thanks for the idea! It has to be clean inside and free of funky smells though, if I’m going to use it for kitchen storage :)

  6. I have one 9-drawer dresser that I really like (once I get it all repainted — currently only three drawers have been redone) but we are moving and I can’t take it because it is a behemoth. :( So sad. I will just have to look for another when we get to where we are going. ;)

  7. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    I have armoires up the wazoo, but no dressers being used anywhere but bedrooms. Sad story: I saw an old long dresser on a curbside for the garbage man the other day, but I had no truck and no time to pick it up….. And I lost sleep over it! ~Kim

  8. I recently has purchased a similar design dresser.

  9. I was just going to sell one- Maybe I should paint and keep it!

  10. Love dressers. Besides the obligatory dresser in the bedrooms, we have a dresser as an entry table (it houses the things you need as you walk out the door, sunglasses, scarves, gloves etc. as well as a drawer dedicated to gift wrap supplies.) There’s a dresser that functions as both a sofa table and buffet and one under the TV that holds all the DVDs, gaming systems and other electronic-y stuff. They are one of the most useful AND versatile pieces of furniture :-) Oh, and every single one of them came from either an antique or thrift store!

  11. I love the idea of having a dresser in each room. It adds so much storage! Plus, who doesn’t love a fun DIY?

  12. I am pretty sure the only table top furniture we have are dressers and dining tables. They work hard in our house without even expecting much money in return!

  13. I didn’t realize how many dressers I have throughout my house until I saw the title to this post, and started looking around! Our TV is also on a small dresser I got out of the trash and painted … oh how I love it now! I also just painted another dresser yellow that is in our dining room and holds everything from art supplies, to my baby’s son’s clothing! Okay, maybe that is technically a chest of drawers? A wood dresser in our nursery and serves as a changing table … and of course, there are dressers in our bedrooms … gotta love the dresser!

  14. We too have lots of dressers and love them! They are used for storage/surface in the living room (great place for toys), as a changing table in my youngest’s room (although, he is almost potty-trained, so it will just transition to a big-boy dresser-sad), and as a tv console in the basement. I also have one serving as an entry-way landing space for guests. But this post has left me hankering for more and happy that garage sale season is soon upon us. :)

  15. Love this. I just recently put a dresser by my back door where we enter the house. I’ve always wanted a designated mud room which we don’t have and it ends up cluttered with stuff. The dresser is perfect – I can store our winter hats and gear and conceal it all away. Love the functionality of a dresser in unexpected places!! xx

  16. I love this collection of ideas… sometimes just changing one simple thing, like adding or repainting a dresser can change everything. We once found an old wardrobe at the end of someone’s lane, we brought it home, removed the middle panels which were destroyed, in both doors, replaced the panels with mirrors and painted it celery green with new handles… everyone exclaims over it… and then they ask where we got, lol. It’s hands down our favorite piece and it was someone’s throw away!

  17. We have a dresser in the living room where each child has one drawer for their special treasures, this helps keep their stuff from overwhelming the space. I also have a dresser that I use as a standing desk for taking care of household paperwork.

  18. Love all of these great ideas! I’ve been on the search for the just right sized dresser to put by our bed. Hopefully I find something soon!

  19. Very nice design. Thanks for the tips i got a lot of ideas.

  20. Very nice article, you have decorated everything with so much taste! Thank you for sharing your home!

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