on being ready

The truth about being ready is that you’ll never be ready.

That is simultaneously the best and worse news.

Depending on my mood.

I like control and even though I know that change takes some risk, I’d prefer to not have to move out of my comfort zone…


Do you know what I spend most of my time doing whenever I help people in their homes?

Most of my time is spent encouraging people that YES, they should do that thing that they are already wanting to do. Most of us don’t need help knowing our options, or feeling drawn to a certain choice. Most of us want assurance that our decision will work out just right.


We want a beautiful home that is charming and interesting, but we aren’t willing to take a risk and we will give up if we make one decision that we aren’t happy with.

Beauty isn’t possible without risk.

Change isn’t possible without changing.

We want to start a new business, but there are no guarantees. And since we can’t be guaranteed, and that’s debilitating, we choose to guarantee safety and not have a business, or take that trip, or make that hard choice.


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adventure of yes


This book I’ve been quoting is like taking a course on how to make decisions. I’m highlighting words on almost every page. Let’s stop blaming “not having peace” about something and start being women who aren’t afraid to say yes, and are confident to stick to our no when we believe that’s what we need to do.


the places you'll go

Where are the college courses on making decisions? Where are the PhD’s in decision-making?

I want to teach a decorating class together with this Pastor who isn’t even talking about decorating because think about what would change if we could get past the fear of making a decision.

This is why it’s so important for us to get past making a nail hole in our walls or choosing the wrong paint color–because if we can’t make a decision and take a little risk in the privacy and comfort of our own homes about where to hang a picture, how in the WORLD will we ever be able to take bigger, more important, life altering risks that we are presented?

Creating a beautiful, meaningful home is its own reward, but is also great training for life.

places to go

I’ve been reading All the Places to Go: How will you know, our family (including three teenage boys) has been watching the DVDs that go with the book. It’s a great read–only for anyone who will ever need to make a decision. And if you know high school seniors–here’s their graduation gift.

how will you know


 It’s an honor to share this post about an author that I’m now a devoted fan of, on behalf of its sponsor, Tyndale House.

 Peace does not lie in getting God to give me other circumstances.

Peace lies in finding God in these circumstances.

–john ortberg