Yard Sales never cease to amaze me.  My sister and I went to our parents for their neighborhood’s semiannual yard sale.  Usually I come home with lots of books and toys and heelys and candle holders.  This time was different.

The Mommymobile was very happy.

We found this dresser for $20.  My mom talked them down to $18 since my sister bought a little night stand from the same people.  It came with all the handle parts, some are just in the drawers.  And what a well made piece.  The drawers glide super easy, it’s sturdy and dovetailed.

I painted it yesterday with my trusty BEHR paint and primer with a semi-gloss finish, the color is Hushed White but any white would do.  And look, it looks like an expensive piece.  I had just moved my blue painted dresser into my office a few days ago and I was on the prowl for something to paint white for this space.  Dressers can work great in any room of your house.  I love the storage they provide.

We drove by this table at the end of the day.  I slowed the car because I admit, I’m a leg girl.  Those chunky legs caught my eye but I was sure that it was either sold, not for sale or the owner was asking $400.  But my mom hopped out of the car and I heard her say “would you take $15?”.  Apparently the fella wanted $20 for it but, since it was 11:00 he was willing to take less.  I had no idea what I was going to do with this table.  We already have 3  full sized tables in our home–and I was looking for a coffee table not a regular table.  But, I loved it and it wanted to be loved and no one else had bought it.   That pretty much sums up my weakness for furniture. It looked like someone might have barfed down one leg but I was able to wash it down and give it a layer of fresh paint and it looks amazing.  I think I’ll slipcover my dirty old parsons chairs and pull them up to the table and stack books on it and use it kind of like this. I mean, since my dining chairs are the same height as my sofa, why can’t I try the sofa in place of chairs?  We’ll see if it stays or not.

I’m continually convinced that anyone can furnish their house beautifully and inexpensively with quality furniture if they are willing to be patient and invest in some elbow grease.  And barf cleaner upper.  Want to see more finds by other resourceful women?  Check out Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasure linky.

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Tomorrow, we are talking about tassels and on Thursday, I’m hosting a tassel link up party.  So, get those tassels made and photographed so you can show them off.  If you are wondering what the heck a tassel is, stay tuned till tomorrow.