Vignette With Whimsy


This is one of my favorite photos from our last house, the rental.

I liked it so much I suggested it for the cover of my book. Zondervan had better ideas (they were right!) but I still adore this photo. It’s fun and lighthearted, it has wonky imperfectly hung plates, dust on the table, and the surprise element of the glorious sprinkling of light that only disco balls can provide.

It’s basically a snapshot (vignette if you will) of everything I hope my house to be: comfy, fun, unexpected, pretty, delightful, cozy, imperfect and welcoming. Come on in, let your guard down, and relax.

Welcome to our home where things aren’t perfect. We trust you can relate.


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  1. Been following you for years and you are amazing. I am fascinated by your Disco Ball. I want one. The ones I have looked at online come with all the parts to hang on the ceiling. Where did you get yours? I remember you writing something about it awhile ago but can’t find the post.
    Thank you!

    • there’s a link at the bottom of the post starting with “disco ball” so much clutter around here you probably didn’t see it! but it’s from ebay, and all balls like that have a ring on it so even if it comes with the other stuff you don’t have to use it, yippie!!

  2. ohh my goodness love that photo! I think I need to get me one of those disco balls! ;)
    and based on that photo, and the majority of the photos you share, I would definitely say that your house looks like what you want it to feel like! :)

  3. Christi {Jealous Hands} says

    Your suggestion from a long ago blog post to come up with words to describe how we wanted our homes to feel was the best suggestion ever! It truly helped me begin to make a home in a home I didn’t feel at home in. 5 years later, it’s still changing – redefining itself as our family changes & our boys get older – but it is still home.

    Thank you.

  4. When I read the title Whimsy, I knew I had to read this post. I’m all about whimsy (and also quirky), but I have locked that up inside of me for such a long time that I’m now trying hard to pull that out (Ok now that sounds weird). That’s one imperfectly perfect (perfectly imperfect?) moment you captured – glorious.

  5. Pretty picture, but hate to tell you your wrong, lol, but you are I put two sequin pillows on my office settee, and when I went in there in the afternoon the sun was reflecting on them and there were all these bright spots of light all over the room, it was magical! So now I may or may not go there in the afternoon and just stare and daydream. Lol

  6. Thank you.
    Just for who you are, how you see — everything.
    Thank you for what you share here, M — A breath of fresh air that changes me.
    Your investment here is no small thing & it’s making a difference :)

  7. this is perfect! i love a little sparkle!

  8. Every single thing is perfectly imperfect. I love it for a million reasons. And I do not want your series to end. It’s fresh and inspiring~~~ every square inch of your little nest ♡

  9. LOVE IT!! I have really been enjoying this series. Thanks for sharing your home with us!! :)

  10. I’m behind but still wanted to thank you for this series that gave me permission to be happy with just a little vignette for my Thanksgiving decorations :-) Here it is if you want to see.

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