disco ball

I bought a disco ball off ebay for $36 in February.

Some of you noticed polka dot lights in our bedroom photos–it’s the disco ball.

disco ball

He sits over there on my husband’s side on the table.  And for about two hours every day, puts on a show.

disco ball

It’s quite possibly, the most needless purchase I’ve ever made, but for under $40 it was worth it for the fun it adds to our home. I think every home needs a little quirk.  Plus, my husband has rented one in the past for parties at our church, now, he can just use ours!  See, saving the church money, that’s me and my disco ball.  That’s how we roll.

I originally bought him for the coffee table in the front room.

And even tried him in the laundry room but, I realized that the sun doesn’t shine there.  And putting your disco ball where the sun don’t shine is just disco ball abuse.  It’s a waste of a perfectly good disco ball.

Disco balls.  They’re not just for discos anymore.

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What’s the most frivolous thing you’ve purchased for your home? Was it worth it?