Vignette with the Meaningful & Unexpected

lysa terkeurstfrom Lysa’s Instagram: do you follow her? You should

Quite possibly the most touching vignette I’ve ever seen. Check out what Lysa TerKeurst framed and put on her wall, I promise, you’ll be delighted.


  1. I love this quote. Such a great way to remind ourselves of the important things. I have always loved having photos hung around the house, and this just makes those photos all the more sweeter!

  2. Lisa McCracken says

    I read her post yesterday and I loved what she did with that dress! However, what I loved the most about the post was that she is saying she wants her walls to talk and to tell the story of her family. 99% of what I have on my walls are pictures of my family and in the back of my mind I have always wondered if it was too much. Too many photographs and not enough variety. In fact, I once had a family member say “You DO have a lot of photographs on your walls”. But after reading Lysa’s post, it validated my thoughts of wanting my walls to reflect our memories. It’s funny, because our Christmas trees are the same way. There are very few ornaments that do not have a story attached to them…from the drummer boy my mom and dad received as a wedding present 59 years ago to the ornament my husband and son bought for me just last year. We have three trees of memories and all three of us look forward to unpacking them every year and telling the same stories over and over. Sorry for the longwinded comment :)

  3. Wow! I love that framed dress…sweet idea and the it helps that the dress is so eye-catching :) Wish now I had kept the dress I was wearing when I met my husband.

  4. Precious! Thanks for this. Most of my walls are bare and I am ready to do something about it and so glad I didn’t just fill them with meaningless stuff.

  5. Oh how I love this. Every thing that hangs on our walls in our home has some sort of meaning.

    Reading her book right now too! It’s knocking my socks off!

  6. Really nice home decor for xmas!

  7. Rachel McKernan says

    Thank you for this reminder. I too have begun to feel overwhelmed with it not even being Thanksgiving yet!!! Yikes! Your book has changed my life. Thank you for the permission to …breathe…& enjoy where I’m at!

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