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IMG_9479Living Room Before & After // The Natos

(just wait till you see the before! such a difference)


I made this cookie in a cast iron skillet this week, everyone died over how good it was. Instead of making caramel sauce I used this, and it cooked perfectly when I put in the oven for 10 min, then turned on the convection for 10 minutes at the temp she says to cook it at.


Tsh & her family are getting ready to leave for their year-long ’round-the-world trip, I think it’s fascinating to see what she packed.

reset your blog Nine Ways to Reset Your Blog // Allume

stuff managerWhen You’re Tired of Being a “Stuff Manager” & Want to Enjoy Living // my guest post – A Holy Experience

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.12.54 AM

My sister’s book A Million Little Ways is available for $1.99* anywhere e-books are sold {even outside the US!}

31 Days 2014
31 Days 2014 is ON! We’ve got a few changes this year that we hope will make it a lot easier for you to join in this fun writing challenge of publishing a post every day in October on one topic. Any0ne can join in, and we’ll have more info soon.
31 days
Here’s last year’s 31 Days participants (click each category to see all the great topics)
Tips for writing for 31 Days
A few of my 31 Day Series from the past few years (this will be my 6th year!)
Home: UnComplified
Home on Purpose
Lovely Limitations

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  1. Allison Hodgdon says

    I remember last year at this time I wanted to jump in but I was semi intimidated of the time commitment. This year I will jump in but my focus has shifted from Upshabby to Bucket List Journeys. Travel would be my theme. I’ve done 10 trips since April and have another 8-9 on the calendar before 2014 wraps! The best one will be November in NYC for 5 days! Thoughts?!

  2. I was wondering about the 31 Days this year. Looking forward to seeing what the changes are! Haven’t decided yet if I am going to participate or not. Guess I need to get my thinking cap on.

  3. Last year I did 31 days for the first time. I’m only a couple of years into blogging and you had real help for how to do a link up that not only didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing, but was why I was even willing to try it. Another example of how you “ease the people”, so thanks for that!

  4. just read the nesting place. loved it! i have never been decorator savvy…never even had time, but i am inspired. if it is not tacky to ask…where did you get those gorgeous horizontal stripe curtains? i have had bare windows for months. thank you.

  5. I am so happy to see I didn’t miss the whole 31 days thing! I came here to check on it. I will be looking forward to it (first year was 2013) and am pretty sure I know my topic this year. YAY!!

  6. I’m excited for 31 days! I have a topic I really love this year, and unlike past years I don’t have much at all mapped out at this point — I think that will make it better/more fun.

  7. hey. thanks for the shout out. love your blog and your magical decorating ways.

  8. These are definitely encouraging. The first photo is really an inspiration. I checked the blog, and she did an amazing job in her living room. But I totally love even the previous look of her room. That cookie is very mouth-watering. I want to make cookies, too. Thanks for the awesome post!

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